Environmental Education Delivers on Competencies

Environmental education is not an ‘add-on:’ it helps learners develop ALL of Education’s Competencies.

The Competencies signed into law by the Education Minister in 2013 are at the core of all new curriculum – all new programs of studies in Alberta MUST deliver on them. They are also at the core of environmental education.  Teachers have always known that good environmental education that helps students learn about – and address - environmental issues – represents fantastic learning! Environmental education is NOT an add-on.  It lies at the heart of excellent education, and is a fantastic vehicle to deliver on Inspiring Education. So – here’s what you can do to champion environmental education.  Tell your environmental education story in a compelling way (get it on-line through a video or Prezi), and don’t forget to illustrate the connections to the Competencies!  Talk it up within your school or school division, and get parents and educational leaders to pay attention.  We need Albertans to support environmental education, and call for more in new curriculum! … And please don’t forget to let us know, so that we can profile your great work and showcase the fabulous work of Alberta educators as we have done with the two stories below. Send your story to Kathy Worobec.


  • Glenbow Elementary and Alberta Tomorrow
    • The grade 4 class showcases how Alberta Tomorrow's program helps teachers deliver on the new cross-curricular competencies
    • watch the video
  • Chief Justice Milvain and World Wildlife Federation WWF
    • Liisha Hinder and Michelle Kollee's grade 2 and 3 students became documentarians for WWF and created iMovie trailers