Evergreen Theatre: Stage Shows & Artists in Residency Programs


Evergreen Theatre programs include a touring stage show as well as an Artist in Residency program.

  • The touring stage show "The Three Little Pigs and B.B. Wolfe" is touring this spring 2019 and is connected to science curriculum from K-6.

"BB Wolfe is a climate scientist, tasked with getting three-stuck-in-their-ways-little pigs to embrace better building practices for a changing climate."

  • The Artist in Residency program connects theatre professionals to your school to create a play with your students, "growing" your own show. 

"Our innovative curriculum-linked residencies get kids teaching their peers about science and the environment through theatre. Using inquiry-based learning, students are challenged to discover meaning and relevance in curriculum linked topics pertinent to natural, scientific and environmental issues."

Not a teacher? No worries - Evergreen Theatre also provides shows to a variety of other clients.


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