Feral Horses Inquiry

Making Informed Land-use Choices and Creating Community Awareness

Grayson Adams - Glenbow Elementary School - Grade 4 - Rocky View Schools

This year long inquiry into Alberta Feral Horses focused on land-use management and how to make informed choices for the future of our province after hearing from multiple perspectives. The year culminated with a study of the wild horse cull of Alberta. Students heard from a variety of experts and gathered and examined research. They attempted to formulate informed opinions of the issues and then used poetry, visual art and their words to spread awareness of the cull as well as their personal opinions. The project began and held a strong thread of connecting to the Earth throughout its entirety.  

Project Overview - what our learning looked like - Download the PDF.

Alberta Feral Horses Inquiry Grade 4 - Grayson Adams. Produced by Rocky View Schools