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Working with FMPSD's Green Scene Team...

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Green Scene Team Newsletter - October  2017

Twitter - @GreenSceneFMPSD

Some of the school environmental and energy initiatives....
Fort McMurray CompositeStarting an environment club - we are working on installing water bottle refilling stations - looking at adding a greenhouse, continuing our recycling - first year we've had junior high classes at the school.
Walter and Gladys HillWe have a tower garden and grown kale and made kale chips, grades 4s lead our recycling, with Destination Conservation we're working on water conservation, did turn off the lights last year, building a bug hotel in our outdoor classroom.
TimberleaWorking with the grades 4s that lead recycling and grade 6s are leading Destination Conservation water conservation.
Westwood Community HSBuilding geocache boxes to put on the trails and we'll have a set of trackers that the community can use; building bee houses, participated in Navig8, using waste plastic to create 3D filament, participating in youth climate leadership initiative.
École McTavishWe have more teachers involved, we worked with the RMWB Green Team, we have a living wall, working with the recovery committee (students presented at the reclamation evening) and doing some soil testing and water testing, we are promoting reusable water bottles. Now have solar panels on the school roof.
École DickinsfieldMany school-wide initiatives - school garden, worm composting, light leaders, audits with adults, water bottle refilling stations, Destination Conservation water conservation, anti-idling and waste free lunches.
Fort McMurray Islamic SchoolGrade 8 class did an extensive wetland education inquiry unit engaging with many external groups and field trips (e.g. participating in a fish release).
Other SchoolsFort McMurray Christian, Beacon Hill, and Christina Gordon Public participated in the sessions to explore resources and work with colleagues to begin developing plans for their schools.
At the January 19, 2018 session, the Green Scene continued to work on plans for enhancing the environmental sustainability within the school division. We also explored ways of further embedding this work into curriculum based student learning.
  • FMPSD teachers can access resources in Google Drive (contact Erin Keca or Kitty Cochrane)
  • FMPSD schools can apply for a small grant from the Green Scene team for water bottle refilling stations
  • Green Scene will continue to do the environmental science fair awards and field trip - exploring new ideas for field trips.
  • Green Scene team explored other school board initiatives and are looking into a few ideas to further deepen the district's environmental sustainability initiatives
Thanks to the community resource folks for sharing their expertise and programs.


  • Destination Conservation - Solange Maher and Amy
  • Inside Education - Laura Pekkola


  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo - Kari Campbell
  • Oil Sand Discovery Centre - Taryn Dewar
  • Shell Canada - Canadian Energy Diet Challenge - Margaret Ziolecki
  • ConocoPhillips Canada - School Environmental Quest Grant


Our Green Scene can continue to grow and improve its encouragement of environmental education and practices. It helps us move from individual efforts to collaborative efforts, occasional instruction to instruction embedded in all subjects.

I think as a teacher, initiatives like this is grassrooted and usually happens on our own time. It was great to have someone passionate with a handful of great resources to share.

For more information check out Alberta Green Schools or contact Kathy Worobec.


“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton