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Attending Alberta Green School sessions provided opportunities for us to focus on how to build a community of environmental stewardship with students and staff. I believe we are on the right path. - Jodi Campbell

Alberta Green Schools has helped our team focus on what we would like to achieve in environmental, energy and climate education in our school. Time spend collaborating with other schools has given us great ideas for projects to start, and also time to reflect with what our school has already achieved and projects we'd like to sustain. - Amy Wesolowsky

Alberta Green School sessions have opened a door we wouldn't have had otherwise. The sessions provided teachers with both the time and resources required to plan and implement projects the want to already, but wouldn't be able to fit in their busy schedules. - Chad Krayenhoff

We would like to thank you (and SHELL) for this terrific learning opportunity. We are truly driven to get these initiatives off the ground. Our planning time gave us the time we never get in order to implement some great ideas. - Ecole Mountain View Team

Schools participated in three sessions over four days to create plans to increase students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy. 

  • March 2 and 3, 2016
  • October 18, 2016
  • November 28, 2017

​What schools have accomplished and continued plans...

SchoolsWhat they've accomplishedWhat has changed as a result of their work
A. H. DakinWe have achieved a lot - we are composting with the entire school, all students and staff are on board with this work. Students have one phys ed class outside each week. We used the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge activities.We have the whole school involved and students are getting weekly time outside in nature.
Ecole Mountain View

We involved the whole school in Earth Day celebration activities, created a class set of EcoKits for classrooms to use with outdoor activities, created a waste reduction initiative with Dumpster Divers - each class is down to a small plastic container (500ml) for their garbage and we built a sculpture in the foyer using the classroom garbage cans (painted them all). Continue to grow our school garden.

We've reduced the school's waste drastically, students presented to town council asking for more recycling bins around town. Town council donated a water reservoir for our school garden.
Ecole WesthavenStill working on being able to use the forested area behind out school for student learning. We did a survey will all staff. Grade 3 students researched species at risk in Alberta. Presentation from Species at Risk biologist. Students created a magazine page for their selected animal.

Jasper Elementary

Installed a nature playground and spend Oct 21 with all staff at the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre to continue and expand our work on connecting students with nature. Grade 4s are leading our waste reduction activities. We are starting Fresh Air Fridays and nature afternoons for the early childhood programs. We are initiating more project-based learning.Grades 4s are leading our waste reduction and writing letters to local businesses to recycle e-waste. The whole school is involved and we've worked on building capacity.
Jasper Jr/Sr HighWe've created a Green School team with more teachers and we agreed on the direction and goals. We did an Environmental Education Experiential Learning Day with all staff and students. 

Increased student access to and involvement with nature through outdoor field trips and other activities. Building capacity amongst our staff to organize activities that get students out into nature. Staff confidence is growing. Infrastructure to facilitate activities that help students connect with nature. We believe our students are beginning to feel more deeply connected to the natural environment in JNP.

Niton CentralImprove students understanding of the importance and need for recycling and regenerate the community garden so it is more student friendly and students have more ownership of the garden. Work with Edson & District Recycling to help students build deeper understanding of waste management. Build on strong community support to ensure this is sustainable for our school and build curriculum connections so not an 'add-on' for teachers. In progress.
SummitviewBuild stewardship and connection to our local environment. Build a connection to our local Griffiths trails - having all classes explore the area, build ownership through trail maintenance and signage, create stronger connections to curriculum, connect with community expertise regarding issues with multi-use of Griffiths trails.In progress.
Mary BergeronWe are a new school with many plans including a new outdoor classroom just outside the library (see image).
Thanks to the community resource folks for sharing their expertise and programs:
  • Alberta Environment and Parks - Heather Robertson
  • Edson and District Recycling Society - Anne Auriat
  • Palisades Stewardship Education Centre, Parks Canada & GYPSD - Barb Schmidt
  • Alberta Tomorrow
  • Caring for Our Watershed
What the schools said about the Alberta Green Schools sessions?
  • 100% were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the session
  • The presentations received over an 86% rating for excellent or good
  • 50% felt there was a perfect balance between information sessions and planning time
  • 100% indicated the session addressed their needs
  • 73% indicated they are ready to implement their action plan
  • 100% identified additional resources to support their work
  • 100% indicated they are motivated to implement their plan
  • 91% indicated their plans continue to grow and they are engaging more teachers and students
  • 100% indicated they are deepening students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy
  • Download the spring 2016 evaluation summary or the fall 2016 evaluation summary.

For more information, check out Alberta Green Schools or contact Kathy Worobec!



“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton