How to increase climate literacy through your education and outreach programs

In 2018, ACEE held full day sessions across Alberta to explore best practices for climate education and outreach, and to help agencies consider how to incorporate these practices into their programs. What was achieved in the workshops...

  • Learning more about excellent climate change education and outreach, and sharing ideas
  • Understanding climate change effects (present, and future) by regions
  • Having their top-of-mind questions answered by colleagues, in open space sessions
  • Developing plans to increase climate literacy through education and outreach programs
  • Strengthening their local learning community and network 

Workshop and webinar sessions and resources

Calgary - Friday December 8 - RESOURCES

Edmonton - Monday January 8 - RESOURCES

Red Deer - Friday February 9 - This workshop was delivered as a 2 hour webinar due to weather and road challenges. RESOURCES

Webinar PPT

Webinar recording- click on the image below to watch the webinar