Individual and Collective Commitments

At the October 2015 Summit for advancing environmental and energy literacy, individuals and small-groups make the following commitments. ACEE staff will be working with the individuals and groups to follow-up and support their efforts. Some of the information did not include a full name or name. If you recognize something you wrote, please email Kathy so she can add your name.

Name         OrganizationCollaborative CommitmentNext Steps

Heidi Eijgel

Nora Manners

John Taylor

Neil Lamont

Sheena Adamson

John Hancoch


Alberta Parks

Waterton Biosphere

Reserve Association

Livingstone Range School Division

St. Michael's School

Seniors Centre

Pincher Creek


With Alberta Green Schools - develop and implement a strategy for:

  • Raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of our local environment
  • Engaging citizens in actions to enjoy, conserve and protect our environment
  • Promoting the responsible and sustainable use of our environment

Steering Committee and ACEE

to meet on November 9th to: align goals and develop

an implementation/strategy


Marlis Eaton

Hadi Fares

Barb Kowalzik

Chris Hicks
City of Calgary Parks

Share what the City of Calgary Parks Dept. is

doing in the field of environmental education

Create a document on ‘how it works,

what we did to make it successful, etc.’





  • As a field trip destination site, be more proactive in learning what other sites are doing so as to not duplicate or compete
  • Supporting sustainable energy initiative – assess what interest people have and promote those topics
  • Ask teachers what they need, cater resources to them – for workshop for teachers/admin to promote organization (nature conservatory)
TELUS group will discuss possibilities with each other
Polly L. Knowlton

Grassroots Ethno-ecological Association

  • To creatively engage people of all ages and foster sense of place through arts, sciences and education
  • To engender stewardship and sustainability through initiatives that strengthen community and environmental connections

We are in the process of formally incorporating our

new non-profit society in Alberta. We will continue to

gather ideas and look for ways to begin

implementing them. As an association, individual

members are free to pursue their passions

and dreams, with the Board acting as a sound board form of support.

Deb Rougeau-Bell

Michelle Prefontaine

Grayson Adams

Kara Vincent

Caylee Webber

Morgan Champman


Start a Forest Kindergarten school network to:

  • Explore embedding the principles of nature/forest school within the traditional school model
  • Increase student’s environmental and energy literacy
  • To connect students with nature – get outside

Create a Google community and post principles

Convene a meeting of the group to discuss and explore next steps

Deb contact Forest School Canada to see if they would be interested in getting involved/act as a resource

Judy Archer

Liza Ireland

Adam Driedzic


Patrick Robertson



Heidi Eijgel

Jane Price

Kayla Forest


Royal Roads

Environmental Law Centre

Synocollab Strategies


Alberta Parks

Follow-up on priorities that emerged today – in support of creating energy/environmental policy across Canada

Look to ACEE for leadership

Leverage Fdn/corporate $ to advance this

Participate/support (as time permits) to advance actions

Therese Chilkowich

George Woodhouse

Andrew Tweedle

Arctic Energy Alliance

Ecology North

Northern Farm Training Institute

Parks Canada

  • Improve community engagement & action regarding energy literacy, sustainable living and traditional knowledge/practices
  • Create a Centre for Sustainability in the NWT at the new NFTI home outside of Hay River

Sharing from Earth Matters conversations with colleagues back in NWT

Will communicate by email, possible Facebook page for sharing resource links and keeping in touch informally

All kinds of possibilities abound…






Kent Lewarne
Nutrients for Life
  • To build cross-curricular competencies
  • To find ways to connect with others from different professions (teachers, government agencies, and NGOs)



Chestermere Kindergarten

Heritage Christian School
  • More outdoors time – supporting other teachers who are intrigued and then building wider support from there
  • Zero waste initiative – scaling to other classrooms, modelling sustainable transit e.g. biking to school
Stephanie Bartlett 

Project Engage: Living our Lives for a Sustainable Future – create a prototype to share with the CBE system that models school-wide K-12:

Loving our local place & in turn care for the planet
Environmental initiatives that generate an income for social innovation
Empowering student voice
Working closely and over long-term with community partners

Work with all stakeholders (parents, teachers, students, community) to provoke change

Facebook: Project Engage: Living our Lives for a Sustainable Future


Twitter: cbeEngage



NameOrganizationIndividual Commitment
Liza LopezCPAWS Southern Alberta ChapterWill to be part of system – engaging, meetings/collaboration
Adam DriedzicEnvironmental Law Centre
  • Feedback on CSF
  • Join backbone team (contingent on funding Dec 2016)
  • Explore/develop Environmental law and policy education program and meet with teachers
  • Meet with MLA on multiple matters, could work in CSF
Heidi EijgelAlberta ParksShare stories about projects related to environmental/energy literacy that my teachers, students and parents have completed
Warren LakeRobert Thirsk High School
  • Continue development of Natural Science program
  • Build out involvement with organizations/stakeholders passionate about work
  • Get involved with collaborative work with ACEE as E & E literacy continues
  Community connection and facilitate the ‘re-acquisition’ of traditional ways regarding environmental stewardship

Hoping to gather non-profit programming groups together to share in efforts, not compete and be able to offer teachers a full-year of programs from various groups

  Write my MLA and demand that CSF is adopted
  • Advocating for EE & OE in school division (CRPS) directly to superintendent, administrators and board (good momentum already)
  • Advocate for professional learning resources/funding/time/collaboration/partnerships