Inspiring Stories

We are excited to showcase these inspiring stories of environmental and energy education in action. Led by teachers or organizations that are engaging students in meaningful learning, these showcase how environmental education is inspiring the environmental stewards and energy leaders we need. We hope these inspire you to take the next step in your work. We'd love to include your work here - if you have a story to share, please contact Kathy Worobec - kathy[at]

The PEEL Project

The People for Energy and Environmental Literacy (PEEL) project started with two teachers and an industry expert who worked together to create a classroom project. They have taken this project to the next level and are providing training for other Alberta teachers and sharing the lesson plans.

Land Use Framework

We wanted to ensure that the key concepts and student learning outcomes in the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future can be used in Alberta classrooms, and add value to classroom teaching and learning. The answer is YES. This powerful learning story from Christine Crane's grade 9 class at Westmount School is one of 13 that showcases the use of the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future.