July 4th - Edmonton Workshop

Thank you for your interest in the July 4th workshop in Edmonton from 12:30pm to 4:00pm. If you wish to attend, please register below. If you wish to showcase an activity, provide information below. The workshop is offered free of charge. Lunch will be provided. We'll enjoy some time connecting with nature so dress for the weather and yes we can have fun outdoors in any weather.

Location: Yellowbird East Community Hall - 10710 19 Ave NW, Edmonton

Time: 12:30pm to 4:00pm


Contact Information
One part of the workshop is, exploring 'best practices' for environmental education. We will do this by having folks showcase one of their environmental education activities (15 minutes max.) and hopefully one we can do outdoors. If you'd like to showcase one of your environmental education activities, please provide the following information: name of activity; how you will engage the participants in 'doing' the activity; how much time will you need (15 minutes max). Kathy will try to include all those that are interested but may have to cap this. She will be contact with you to confirm details with you. She may have to cap the number of activities so respond as soon as possible.
Do you have any dietary restrictions we need to know about?
We often take photos at events to help tell the story of our work and we may share these on social media, our web site or in reports with funders. These are usually small group or actual group photos. Please let us know if you are OK with us using a photo that may include you.
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