Make Your School an EcoSchool!

An Invitation

Would you like to get your students involved in real-world, community-based climate action and environmental stewardship? Ecoschools Canada is an environmental certification program that provides teachers with a framework to engage their students and entire school community in environmental and climate action projects. Schools earn points to achieve bronze, silver, gold or platinum level status - and most importantly, become active players in helping their community become more sustainable and resilient. 

Why Should My School Join EcoSchools Canada? 

Whether your school is a leader in environmental stewardship or you are just starting your journey, the EcoSchools Canada program offers many benefits:​

  • Explicit links to the Alberta curriculum
  • Links to real-world action plans and strategies, from local to global
  • A step-by-step process for creating a flexible environmental action plan 
  • Resources and lessons plans to help implement your plan
  • A user-friendly online platform that allows you to track your progress 
  • Ability to track not only your school's impact but also the collective impact of multiple schools 
  • Opportunity to network, share, and celebrate with other schools 
  • Skills and knowledge to help create a more sustainable future
  • A sense of hope and agency by actively engaging in solutions
  • Free to publicly-funded schools in Calgary

How Can My School get Involved?

Here are five ways that Calgary-area teachers and schools can get involved with EcoSchools:

  • View the video recording of our information session to learn more about the EcoSchools Canada program. 
  • Invite us to deliver an information session tailored to your school about EcoSchools by filling out this quick form.
  • Register to take part in our pilot year, starting September 2020.  To register, email
  • Join our advisory group and be directly involved in the development of this initiative. We are particularly interested in adding Indigenous perspectives to our work  

To learn more or to express an interest, please contact Marie Tremblay at