Youth Narratives and Polling

About the Project

The Youth Narratives Project is an exciting energy and environmental literacy initiative that aims to help education agencies and teachers better understand climate-energy language and approaches that resonate with youth audiences. 

The Process

  • October to December 2019 - held structured conversations with urban and rural students in grades 4-6; 7-9; 10-12 to explore how to talk about energy and climate.
  • January to May 2020 - compile and analyze these findings to create a Youth Narratives Report (in progress). 

Youth Polling

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education worked with Leger to conduct polling of 500 youth (ages 15 to 24) in February 2020.  The results are extraordinary, and very telling! We've embargoed Leger's report for now, waiting for a time when our educational leaderships' bandwidth is not completely consumed by pandemic planning!

The results of this survey will be used by educators to better prepare Alberta’s youth to become engaged citizens and well-educated participants in Alberta’s economy as they enter the workforce.


  • Understand the beliefs and values of the youth in Alberta in relation to environment, energy and climate change.
  • Understand attitudes and behavior in relation to environment, energy and climate change.
  • Level of youth environment, energy, and climate change literacy.
  • Test language from focus groups (held in late 2019) regarding youth narratives around energy and climate to see if some of the language and things heard resonate with a larger youth sampling. 
  • A comparison of some of the youth findings from 2010 Ipsos Reid survey to determine shifts in youth’s environment, energy and climate literacy over the past decade.

The polling results are in progress and will be also be incorporated into the Youth Narratives report and help outline guidelines for classroom and environmental educators.

This work was funded by the Alberta Government and will help educators understand gaps in literacy and ways to better prepare youth to become engaged citizens that develop innovative, 'win, win' solutions for our environment, economy and society. 

Polling results:

Polling results of Alberta youth 2010
Polling results of Alberta adults 2009
Polling results of Alberta youth 2020 (coming soon)

Next Steps

  • The Youth Narratives and Youth Polling along with ACEE’s ‘What is Excellent Climate Change Education?’ will form the basis on guidelines for classroom and environmental educators. These guidelines (also in progress) will help educators better understand how to talk about energy and climate in Alberta, as well as what motivates youth, and how educators can create conditions for long-term success.
  • We will be sharing the Youth Narratives and Youth Polling reports along with the guidelines with a variety of education audiences and environmental and energy educators through events and workshops.

Youth Narratives Report Coming Soon!

Meet the Team

Get to know Shelagh and Maria, our Youth Narratives Project classroom workshop leaders! 

Thank you to the following for supporting this work