Needs Assessments

2018 - ACEE conducted an agency needs assessment to better understand how we can help environmental educators in Alberta to deliver impactful energy education. We've summarized the results into a report (see link below). There were three lucky winners of the MEC gift cards. Thank you to everyone that responded. We are using this information to guide our work.

2017 -  ACEE conducted two surveys - one for environmental and energy education and outreach organizations and one for teachers. The organization survey was a needs assessment about their current programs and about climate change education. The teachers survey asked teachers about their needs and challenges for incorporating climate change education into their classroom teaching. This information is being used to help organization's build their capacity for incorporating climate change education and in our work with Alberta's education leaders in helping schools take the next steps toward climate leadership.

2011 and 2012 - ACEE asked you what you need to deliver environmental education in Alberta. We used the results to refine the services we offer to environmental educators in Alberta and to help you better understand the environmental education community in which you work

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