Online Activities

Below is a collection of awesome and engaging online activities from trusted environmental education organizations:

Ultimate Backyard Geology Guide Easy-to-use tools and methods for finding and identifying different types of rocks and minerals in your backyard!

Alberta Parks Nature SourceWelcome to Nature Source - Alberta Parks' new education portal! Explore resources and activities for both formal educators and families to deliver home-based learning. 

CPAWS Bring Nature Home Toolkit - This is a unique educational toolkit that will help students engage in environmental education in the comfort of their own home. This toolkit includes some of CPAWS-SAB’s very own tried and tested games and activities for K-12 students, as well as other online resources to support learning. Topics include water, species at risk, ecosystems, climate change and many more.

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) Online Wildlife Videos  - wildlife education resources online to continue to learn about our amazing wild neighbours!

Agriculture for Life Learning Labs - a series of eLearningLabs on a variety of topics in agriculture: Sustainable Lab, Tech/Innovation, STEAM Lab, Food Lab, and Farm Fun Lab!

Planet Protector Academy Home Edition -  Led by DreamRider actors through daily live webcasts, this program features fun arts and game-based activities for kids aged 6-11.

Beaverhill Bird Observatory Webinars - Every weekday throughout April and May, BBO will be hosting educational webinars (that link in with the Alberta Curriculum) about birds, conservation and climate change.

Green Calgary's Green Kids Online - Green Calgary is uploading weekly environmental education presentations and related activities that alternate between curriculum-focused and craft-focused themes.

University of Alberta Future Energy Systems  Future Energy Systems is a research program at the University of Alberta studying the energy transition, from improving oil and gas, developing renewable technologies, integrating them together to the social, economic and environmental effects. Check out the page for a variety of activities, videos and more.

Inside Education Digital Learning ResourcesA collection of easily accessible activities and online resources including instructions, handouts and assessments.

The King's Centre for Visualization in Science - A series of lessons to visualize and Understand the science of climate change. KCVS also offers The Design Your Climate simulation (DOCs) which engages you in an interactive exploration of how much of a difference we can make through informed choices about electricity, transportation, land use, buildings, and materials.  Check it out here.

Children and Nature Network Resources - a compilation of resources for the children and nature movement. 

NatGeo@Home -  quizzes, videos, science experiments, and at-home classroom resources from National Geographic Kids.

#NatureForAll Discovery Zone - This online collection of materials can be used by anyone looking to help connect people with nature or experience nature wherever they may be.

TedED Earth School -  A free online platform that consists of 30 days of nature-focused content and environmental adventures for learners of all ages, in the lead up to World Environment Day on June 5th. Each “Quest” includes a discovery video and quiz, combined with a series of engaging learning resources — all curated by environmental experts.

NAAEE COVID-19: Resources, Tips, and Support - This site includes a list of resources designed to keep learners of all ages interested and engaged during the crisis, from hands-on activities and lesson plans to websites, virtual tours, and more. 

Learning for a Sustainable Future Learning Inside Out - A weekly collection of activities alternating between their seasonal nature guides and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.