Other Workshops for Teachers

Please contact Marie Tremblay - marie[at]abcee.org if you are interested in any of our workshops.

Greening your Curriculum: How to Weave Environment into Your Teaching

Teaching students about the environment and how to take care of it has never been more important!  In this hands on workshop you will 'learn by doing' as many dynamic and engaging activities as possible. The Alberta curriculum is full of wonderful opportunities to help students learn about how the environment works, and how to take care of it!  Come experience our world-famous State of the planet quiz, considering what would happened if the earth were only a few feet in diameter, find out about a superb $50 conference, and fill up your teaching toolbox with a treasure trove of our favourite games and activities, which exemplify best practices in teachings and we think you'll be able to use in any classroom. We'll also discuss how you can weave together environment, citizenship, and experiential learning through action projects that give students hope for the future as they make a difference in their schools and their communities.  All attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Delivering on Your Curriculum - and Increasing Environmental and Energy Literacy - Through Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Our promise: you'll leave this workshop with some good ideas - and perhaps a good plan! - to do as the title suggests.  We'll review the tenets of PBL, discuss what 'increasing environmental, energy, and climate literacy' means, explore some superb projects created by teachers just like you, and help identify relevant community resources and programs - and of course we'll model best PBL instruction as we do so!  Then we'll use the remaining half of the workshop to facilitate small working groups in which your colleagues will help you begin or refine your plan to deliver your curriculum using PBL.


‘Leap into Action’ – A Free Teacher’s Guide to Environmental Action

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll help you identify links between your curriculum and action, and then do several activities from ‘Leap into Action,’ a free teacher activity guide that you’ll receive in this workshop. This guide was created for teachers and is full of lesson plans to help you prepare, inspire and support your students in conducting age-appropriate environmental action projects, including skill-building activities and tools, and real-life case studies.


How to Engage Your Students in Energy and Climate Solutions

This all-day workshop includes two sessions: Climate Change Here and Now: Making Sense of it All and Exploring the Relationship between Energy and Climate Change.  During this workshop you will also hear directly from students on the energy and climate projects they are involved in. You will also learn about Program Resources to support your teaching including the Energy Revealed Program. 

This workshop is hosted by ACEE, GreenLearning Canada and Greenplanet Energy Analytics. 

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