Our Professionals

Dave Eastham

Energy efficiency and sustainability

As a chemical engineer with over 40 years of experience in the petrochemical and fertilizer industries, I have considerable experience at defining industrial problems to be solved and finding and implementing effective solutions.  I’ve also had the opportunity to develop new technologies and scale them up from lab bench scale to commercial production. Energy efficiency and sustainability (environmental, social and financial) have been key considerations in my work for many years.

Kae Shummoogum

Electric Vehicles and Emissions reduction

Kae Shummoogum P.Eng is the founder and CEO of Gasonic Group Ltd. Kae works in monitoring toxic exhaust gases in commercial buildings, but his passion for the environment has taken him to new ventures promoting clean air technologies such as zero-emission electric vehicles that he sees as the vehicles of the future. In fact, his company's vehicle fleet is stocked with hybrid and electric vehicles.

Mandeep Dhaliwal

Air Quality and Weather

Mandeep Dhaliwal, B.SC., P.CHEM, Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) Air Quality Program Manager is an atmospheric scientist with over 10 years of experience in monitoring air quality (ambient and indoor), meteorology, and noise. Mandeep is experienced in monitoring data collection and data validation protocols, as per provincial and national air monitoring reporting protocols.

Paul Hughes

Sustainable Food Systems and Urban Food Production

Paul Hughes is a Father, Activist, Coach, Artist, Veteran, and Journalist. He served with PPCLI in Germany during the Cold War and has since found his love for advocacy.  He is passionate about food security; Paul is an advocate for the UNHRD Article 25 Right to Food & Food Access and is a member of the Food Dignity Constellation of Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative. Paul has founded several organizations in Calgary, including the Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub (CLUCK), the largest right to food organization in Canada and Grow Calgary.

Marissa Koop

Wetlands and Water policy

Marissa Koop is an accomplished Environmental Planner who specializes in incorporating wetlands and other natural features into the built environment. Marissa has worked extensively with regulatory agencies and developers throughout Western Canada on new and progressive ways to ensure regulatory compliance while promoting sustainable development. Her ongoing volunteer involvement with industry and academia delivers relevancy and innovation in her project work.

Nathan Maycher

Climate Change, Society, and Sustainable Energy Practices

Nathan has worked in sustainable development within the energy sector for over twenty years, and currently works on climate change and sustainability challenges at Suncor, an integrated oil & gas company. Nathan started as a mechanical engineer in a power company working in the Sustainable Development team. Finding a spark, he then shifted his career towards influencing decisions in the energy sector as a volunteer, employee and an independent consultant.

Cherag Metha

 Energy audits and Existing LEED Buildings

Cherag Mehta is a team member of the Sustainability and Energy team in WSP Calgary. His passion for sustainability has given him the opportunity to work alongside commercial property management companies to help reduce their energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Cherag has more than 8 years of experience in commissioning, LEED existing buildings, energy audits, and mechanical design project experience in the institutional, commercial, and educational facilities.

Derek Leahy

 Sustainable Agriculture

Derek Leahy is the Director of Rural Routes to Climate Solutions, a central Alberta-based project providing learning opportunities for farmers and ranchers to find out how they can benefit from climate solutions. He has a decade of climate organizing experience spanning three continents—Europe, Canada and Australia—and his articles on climate issues and clean energy have been published in The Narwhal and National Observer. Derek is also an avid farmhand and has worked on farms in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.

Christine Campbell

Wildlife Conservation and Ecosystem services

Christine Campbell is the Western Hub Manager for ALUS Canada, an organization that provides direct support to a national network of farmers and ranchers delivering ecosystem services in their communities, including clean air, clean water, carbon sequestration, erosion control, flood mitigation, pollinator support, and wildlife habitat.

Ian Mitchell

Renewable energy and innovative energy solutions

Ian Mitchell, CPA CA is President and Co-Founders of Nutana Power Ltd.  Nutana Power is a young start up looking to build Alberta’s first Renewable Peaker Plant in the Porcupine hills of Pincher Creek. Ian brings his expertise from his experience working KPMG in Corporate Audit, and ConocoPhillips coordinating all audit activities .In 2017 he left the oil and gas industry to pursue his passion in sustainability starting Nutana with Friends in early 2018.  Since then, Ian has had to wear many hats from raising finance to and engineering & design and all things in between.

Kevin Eidick

Sustainable Development and Sustainable Food Systems

Kevin is a professional in Landscape Architecture, primarily working in the land development industry. His professional focus explores how development can be sensitively integrated within its natural context, mitigating the impacts on existing infrastructure, wetlands, forests, creeks and rivers. Working alongside local planners, engineers and ecologists, Kevin’s expertise includes innovative park and public space design, designing reconstructed wetlands and stormwater harvesting systems, and the master planning of neighbourhoods and recreational networks.

Taimoor Aslam

Solar Energy and Energy production

Taimoor Aslam is an electrical engineer and owner of Resolute Solar, an engineering company specializing solar design and installation services. His vision with starting Resolute Solar is to promote the use of solar as a renewable energy source and aims to accomplish this through awareness and education. He has prior experience of working in the power generation, transmission and distribution sector in the Oil and Gas industry and has always been interested in learning about new technology and sharing the knowledge.

Nelson Berlin

Waste and Recycling

Nelson Berlin is the Business Development Manager at BluPlanet Recycling. His passion for sustainability
and social change drove him to join the organization straight out of university 6 years ago. This passion
and the corporate mission of BluPlanet push their aligned goals of changing how we view, handle and
produce waste.

“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton