2011 to 2012 - ACEE's Work With Alberta Education

In 2012, we...

  • Developed a 3rd Draft of the  Environmental Education Framework in collaboration with Alberta Education to ensure the the transformation of education is based on current research and supports environmental education
  • Aligned this work with Alberta Education's Framework for Student Learning
  • Hired researcher Dr. Liza Ireland to conduct this research
  • Engaged a Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee to advise us on this work
  • Attended the Encountering Curriculum Redesign - Bringing Inspiring Education to Life symposium, November 30 & December 1 co-hosted by Alberta Education and the Alberta Teachers' Association

Encountering Curriculum Redesign - Bringing Inspiring Education to Life symposium - co-hosts Gaylene Schreiber, Alberta Teachers' Association (left), Ellen Hambrook, Alberta Education (right).

In 2011, we...

  • Ensured that ACEE staff and Board attended all Research Round Tables and Provincial Symposia hosted by Alberta Education and the Alberta Teachers Association
  • Engaged environmental education stakeholders, urging them to attend these public events and respond to Alberta Education’s invitation to engage on-line
  • Met with Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk


ACEE has worked over the past year with many government agencies with environmental education portfolios. Alberta Education invited many Ministries to the Fall Symposium and it was great to see the cross-ministry group involved in the discussion.

 From left to right: Gareth Thomson, Executive Director, ACEE; Kevin Cantelon, Alberta Parks; Carly Steiger, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development; Kathy Worobec, board member, ACEE; Krista Tremblett, Alberta Environment; and Brent Andressen, Alberta Agriculture.

Details of the work in 2011 Alberta Education continued to work on its Action Agenda that outlines a comprehensive program for educational transformation in Alberta.  There are six components in the Action Agenda  and ACEE actively engaged with the Action on Curriculum initiative. There are three areas of focus with the Action on Curriculum and ACEE engaged in work in the first two areas:

  • Curriculum standards and process redesign
  • 21st Century competencies
  • Strategic review of Locally Developed Courses (LDC)


Curriculum Standards and Process Redesign

GoalCreate engaging curriculum that inspires every student every day by redesigning guidelines for curriculum (programs of study, balanced assessment tools, learning and teaching resources) and curriculum development frameworks.
Alberta Education and Alberta Teacher’s AssociationAlberta Education sought input on guiding principles. ATA and Alberta Education cohosted the ATA Curriculum Symposium, November 4th and 5th with a focus on creating guiding principles to inform the design of future Alberta curriculum. Read Kathy Worobec’s blog about the event. Three Research Roundtables were held in the spring of 2011. The Framework for Student Learning is the result of a review of educational literature and research along with online engagement and face-to-face engagements including the Research Roundtables.
Our Work to Advance Environmental EducationACEE submited a response to Alberta Education survey on guiding principles. Guiding Principles for Curricula Design that Encourage and Support Environmental Education was drafted and submitted to Alberta Education and the ATA for the ATA Symposium November 4th and 5th, 2011. ACEE and other environmental educators attended research roundtables. Competency Social, Cultural and Environmental Responsibility is included in the Framework for Student Learning (draft version stated Social Responsibility, Cultural and Environmental Awareness).
Next StepsCurriculum Standards and Guidelines, March 2012Curriculum Development Framework, 2012

21st Century Competencies

GoalReview the Student Learning Outcomes in the Ministerial Order on the Goal and Standards Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education in Alberta.
Alberta Education and Alberta Teacher’s AssociationA Fall Symposium (Sept 29 & 30, 2011) was held to engage stakeholders in the creation of new Student Learning Outcomes.
Our Work to Advance Environmental EducationACEE, and government ministry staff attended the Fall Symposium. ACEE created a Discussion Draft on Student Learning Outcomes for the Symposium.
Next StepsAlberta Education will continue to work on creating new Student Learning Outcomes.


See how we are currently engaged in this project


This 1983 curriculum guide shows that Alberta Education has considered environmental education in the past – ACEE is working hard to ensure that this will also be the case for FUTURE curriculum!

If you want more information,  contact us to learn what ACEE is doing to engage in this process and how you can contribute.