Past Programs

Below are links to past ACEE programs.

Framework to Advance Environmental Education - Starting in 2005, ACEE convened three consultation workshops, three regional Summits, and two provincial Summits on environmental education.  Through this process we successfully engaged more than 440 individuals, representing 180 environmental education stakeholder organizations in co-creating and helping deliver on the Framework to Advance Environmental Education in Alberta.

Polling - In 2009 and 2010, ACEE conducted two important polls of Albertans regarding environmental education.

Needs Assessments - ACEE regularly conducts needs assessments of environmental education professionals and teachers to help guide our work.

Leadership Clinics - Between 2008 and 2015, ACEE hosted leadership clinics that brought together teams to work on advancing environmental education in Alberta.

Communities of Practice - ACEE was able to achieve some fabulous outcomes through this program for environmental educators in Alberta.

Supporting pre-service teachers - Supporting teacher education programs is one strategy to ensure students receive quality environmental education in the classroom.

150 Ways Schools Show Climate Leadership - Both the Calgary and Edmonton events profiled the amazing work being done in schools across Alberta, as part of our celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary!

Change for Climate: Festival of Youth Voices - The Change for Climate, Festival of Youth Voices showcased the climate change stories, ideas, experiences, images and recommendations of students from Alberta and around the world on February 27, 2018 at NAIT. 

Conferences: Education on Planet Earth - These two conferences helped groups and teachers enhance environmental, energy and climate change education - we worked in partnership with two key school boards to develop the conferences. These conferences connected teachers, community and agencies, celebrating best practices and reinforcing the benefits of this important work.

Get Outside and Play Early Childhood Network - ACEE led this work from 2014 to 2018 creating a network of health care professionals, environmental educators, play and sport groups, recreation and parks, child care professionals, and early childhood educators. This network is now its own organization and can be reached at or contact Christina Pickles at christina[at] 

Students on Sustainability - ACEE helped launch this program and this work continues led by post-secondary students. Students on Sustainability is a University of Calgary student society that educates grade school students on sustainability topics linked to climate change and supports relevant student projects. The program engages with students across all grade levels within the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Separate School District.

Alberta Green Schools - ACEE initiated this unique way of working with school boards starting in 2014. We worked with the school boards for two to three years and offered in-depth professional learning bringing teachers and administrators together. The professional learning focused on transformational leadership to help schools create a school-wide culture of energy literacy and environmental stewardship. We worked with six school divisions including Rocky View Schools, Fort McMurray Public, Grande Yellowhead, Chinook's Edge, Elk Island Public and Pincher Creek (Livingstone Range and Holy Spirit Catholic). Many school boards and schools are continuing this work.

Collaborating to help Alberta students become literate around environment, energy, and climate change - On October 15, 2015 ACEE hosted a very successful full-day Summit to Advance Environmental and Energy Literacy. We convened 120 teachers and stakeholders from non-profit organizations, universities, and government to discuss our Theory of Change and how to create a ‘collective impact’ – and offered their ideas and suggestions for improvement.