People for Energy and Environmental Literacy

Cayley Webber, Christine Avey - Westmount Charter School - Grade 4 

People for Energy and Environmental Literacy (P.E.E.L.) project seeks to educate grade 4 students about current energy and environmental trends in Alberta through a collaborative approach and interaction with experts in the field. Overall we worked with 25 different organizations and individuals on the project through campus visits, in our outdoor classroom and off campus field trips. This provided students with the understanding, knowledge, key concepts and big picture to conduct an energy audit and make practical changes in our school and within their circles of influence. Students considered different forms of energy through the lens of maintaining balance of the triple bottom line: people, the environment and the economy.

Project Overview - what our learning looked like - Download the PDF.

People for Energy and Environmental Literacy Video - Produced by Cayley Webber, Westmount Charter School