Pincher Creek

Alberta Green Schools with
Pincher Creek area schools and community groups
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Indeed, we have something very magical happening here in Pincher Creek! And honestly, we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for the Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) answering our call for help about two years ago. Your timely financial and technical support through the Shell sponsored Alberta Green Schools program has actually enabled our community to start a movement - the Pincher Outdoor Education Movement (POEM). Through your program we have engaged all four public schools in our municipality together with the Piikani Nation High School, Children's World Day Care, a couple of day homes, some developing Forest Schools and Lethbridge College - that's the full spectrum of education between preschool and post-secondary! - John Taylor, Off Campus Coordinator, Livingstone Range School Division

I would like to see education move away from teaching in silos so that the learning becomes more meaningful and real for our students and the world we live in. - Clair Hockley 

Thank you ever so much for an excellent day. Your reading of the group, skillful facilitation and leadership were on full display today and greatly appreciated by everyone I talked with. The flame for our work got a little larger and hotter today and will not easily be extinguished. - John Taylor, Off Campus Coordinator, Livingstone Range School Division

Projects Examples:

Two sessions have been held - March 11 and November 23, 2016 to create plans to increase students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy. What schools have accomplished....

SchoolsWhat they've accomplishedWhat has changed as a result of their work
St. Michael's SchoolCreated a class set of kits for taking students outdoors. Working on field trips with Alberta Parks. Kindergarten class went on 13 field trips to many community places with each trip including a creek walk and nature time. Worked to further develop our outdoor learning space.Bringing in community resources leads to more hand-on student experiences. All students will go on one field trip per year. We set a theme for place-based learning and this is inspiring teachers to collaborate across grade levels and to get students outside. We are including weekly mini-solo trips to include outdoor time.
Matthew Halton HSBuilding a passive solar greenhouse and working with Alberta Parks on a water monitoring activity. See the Project Example above for the English 10 project with Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. Participated in the youth climate leadership work.Engaged in more project-based learning on watersheds and water quality. Sharing our work with our peers. Building community connections. Students' writing has taken on a realness - much more expressive - their work has a purpose and connected to community.
Livingstone SchoolWorked on our school garden with grade 5s and 6s - built the garden boxes and deer fence; planted, harvested and prepared food for the school. Completed a water pond study and woodland study at Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. We are doing bi-weekly Wonder Walks to explore seasonal changes. Created a grade 10 environmental stewardship course.Using student-led questions for the reminder of importance to get outside and explore the environment. Working with community members that share their knowledge and passion increases students' personal environmental and energy awareness and knowledge. Students are more aware of people in our community that work in environmental fields. Students are more aware of their environmental footprint and growing their voice in the community.
Canyon SchoolThe Kindergarten classes do regular Wonder Walks. WE are using out outdoor space to explore math, social studies, language arts and science. We planted pumpkins and harvested them this fall.Students are more aware of the changing landscape in our schoolyard. Students are more focused in the classroom as we after spending time outdoors. Students are excited for the change of learning space and it allows them to be more creative.
Piikani SecondaryWe are just beginning this work. We are touring traditional sites and using local resources.We want to create more community connections for our students.
The list of schools and organizations that participated:
Matthew Halton High SchoolLivingstone SchoolSt. Michael's School
Canyon SchoolChildren's World Daycare Alberta Parks
Lethbridge CollegeOldman Watershed CouncilTown of Pincher Creek
Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association  
What was said about the Alberta Green Schools sessions?
  • 95% were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the session
  • All presentations received over a 90% rating for excellent or good
  • 80% felt there was a perfect balance between information sessions and planning time
  • 100% indicated the sessions addressed their needs
  • 100% indicated they have a good foundation for continuing their work
  • 95% identified additional resources to support their work
  • 100% indicated they are motivated to implement their projects
  • 100% indicated their plans will deepen students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy
  • 100% indicated they have a strategy and plan for continuing to work together
  • Download the fall 2016 preliminary summary or the spring 2016 evaluation summary.

For more information, check out Alberta Green Schools or contact Kathy Worobec!