Post Recharge 2019

Thank you for joining us for the Recharge 2019 Conference!

Recharge 2019 had 233 attendees and we are so happy that everyone could join us! We had so much fun connecting with everyone in the Rockies and we hope that the conference left everyone feeling inspired and recharged. Below are some important links, including the photos from the conference, slides from our keynote presentations, workshop resources, and other resources we think you will like. Additionally, you can check out our Recharge and Commitment Tree stories to get a closer look at what happened during the conference.


"The ACEE Recharge Conference was soothing to the soul. Spending three magnificent days with like-minded, passionate people gave me the boost of energy needed to accelerate my own work as well as a healthy dose of hope for the future of our children and planet!"  - Recharge 2019 Attendee


There were a lot of incredible moments during the Recharge Conference! Click here to view all of the moments captured at both the summit and the conference!








Keynote Presentations

David Dodge, Green Energy Futures: Teaching Green Energy in Your Classroom

David suggested ways in which you can connect students to these new technologies, deliver on your curriculum, increase your students' competencies - and help them feel they're making a difference as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate climate change impacts, and feel more hopeful about the future.

To view David Dodge's keynote presentation slides click here. For more information about David's presentation visit and to view the video of Greta Thunberg shown during his keynote presentation click here.




Dr. Brad Stelfox, Creating A Sustainable Alberta: An Educational Imperative

Dr. Stelfox showed us what the future will look like in a ‘business as usual’ scenario – and how that future would change if we successfully lead the transition to a low carbon economy.  Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and Brad outlined the responsibilities and opportunities that educators have as we move towards a sustainable ‘preferred future’ here in Alberta.

To view Dr. Brad Stelfox's keynote presentation slides click here.


Workshop Resources

One of our goals for Recharge 2019 was to supply conference attendees with Monday morning ready tools. To view resources from Recharge workshops visit: Recharge 2019 Workshop Resources For more resources be sure to check out our Resource Hub and our "Engaging with Climate Change: What Teachers Can Do" post.

The Commitment Tree

During our 2019 Recharge Conference we asked the conference attendees to walk the walk and make a commitment to take the next step in advancing environmental and energy education in their professional or personal life. People were eagerly waiting to receive their leaf to record their commitment about the next steps they want to take and the impact that they would have on their coworkers, students, or community. Once they wrote their commitment on their leaf, we asked them to stick it onto a poster of our “Environmental Education Is…” tree (see below).


The commitments focused on three distinct areas: community/network development (36% of commitments), school professional development/classroom program advancement (43% of commitments), and personal development (21% of commitments). A week after the conference, we went through all of the leaves and sent out a text reminder to each individual, with many responding, “Thank you and yes I have started on this!” To give you a better idea of these commitments, here are quotes from a few of our attendees:

“I commit to starting an informal climate change educator community of practice” - Vicki Perkins

“I commit to incorporating climate change solutions into education programming” - Katrina Jansen

“I commit to begin talks with my school staff about moving our school towards a more sustainable future” - Vladimir Stelkic

“I commit to inspiring students to think in the climate solution space” - Hira Shah

Recharge 2020

The community recommended we hold Recharge in Canmore again - so we're booked! Be sure to check out the Recharge 2020 page and to save the date for April 16-18, 2020!