Previous Work with Alberta Education

Early 2020 - Alberta Education provided opportunities to provide input on a draft Ministerial Order for Student Learning - ACEE reviewed the Draft Ministerial Order and the Curriculum Advisory Panel report released by Alberta Education. We are sharing our response to help others develop their own responses. Read our response.

August 2019 - Alberta Education announced the Curriculum Advisory Panel that will provide a report to the Education Minister by December 20, 2019.

October 2018 - Minister launched the revised drafts of K-4 curriculum and those on the roundtable were invited to the launch event

August 2018 - a number of groups participated in the Minister's round table on energy and environment education

May 2018 - participated in a full-day session to provide input on the K-4 curriculum for all subjects. Environmental education was well represented with groups such as ACEE, Inside Education, U of A Botanic Gardens, @Nature School, the P.E.E.L. project, Alberta Council for Global Cooperation and the City of Edmonton - waste education in attendance (photo above). Read what the group said about the new K-4 curriculum in a letter submitted to Minister Eggen.

May 2017 - participated in a full-day session to provide input on the scope and sequence for all subjects for K-12. Again, environmental education was well represented with groups such as Inside Education, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs), Alberta Tomorrow and ACEE.

January 2017 - presented to the Subject Expert Working Groups - environmental education was well represented thanks to the groups that presented - ACEE,  Alberta Global Cooperation Council, Alberta Tomorrow, Devonian Botanical Gardens, River Watch, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs). Congratulations to everyone for the concerted effort. Sorry if we missed listing any group.

February 2015 - presented the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future to Alberta Education’s curriculum development team.

2012 - Met with Education Minister Lukaszuk and received a conditional grant to develop an Environmental Education Framework to help guide the curriculum development work of Alberta Education. The Environmental Education Framework was developed with Dr. Liza Ireland and a Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee. Click here to view the Executive Summary of the Environmental Education Framework.

2009 -  Minister Hancock lead an initiative to create a long-term vision for education in Alberta – Inspiring Education. A 22 member Steering Committee was struck and co-chaired by Jeff Johnson, then MLA Athabasca-Redwater and Brent McDonough an Edmonton teacher. A variety of processes were used to engage Albertans in articulating their vision for education and their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the children of this province. Participants concluded that the education system needs more than minor change.

Download the Draft Environmental Education Scope & Sequenc

Review what ACEE accomplished in 2011 and 2012.