Previous Work with Alberta Education

Alberta Education’s curriculum redesign process began in 2009 with then Minister Hancock leading an initiative to create a long-term vision for education in Alberta – Inspiring Education. A 22 member Steering Committee was struck and co-chaired by Jeff Johnson, then MLA Athabasca-Redwater and Brent McDonough an Edmonton teacher. A variety of processes were used to engage Albertans in articulating their vision for education and their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the children of this province. Participants concluded that the education system needs more than minor change.

Alberta Education engaged with prototyping in 2014/15, and ACEE participated in these discussions and shared the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future with the prototyping teams. 

In 2012, ACEE met with Education Minister Lukaszuk and received a conditional grant to develop an Environmental Education Framework to help guide the curriculum development work of Alberta Education. The Environmental Education Framework was developed with Dr. Liza Ireland and a Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee.

Download the Draft Environmental Education Scope & Sequence
Download the Environmental Education Framework


Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting, December 13, 2012.

From left to right: Jesse Beaudry, Gareth Thomson, Kimberly Gray, Sherry Bennett, Kathryn Wagner, Dr. Liza Ireland, Bill Bagshaw, Renate Taylor Majeau, Joanne Barwise, Kathy Worobec, James Bartram


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