Principles That Guide Our Gift Acceptance Activities

ACEE understands the importance of ensuring the financial support that we receive is grounded in thoughtful, well-measured principles.  In addition to ensuring that we meet the benchmarks as set out in the Donor Bill of Rights, we also take direction from the following principles that guide how and when we accept financial support.

We believe that...

  • Environmental education is a crucial strategy to addressing the environmental crisis we are facing today.

  • Diversity – amongst our team, our partners, our supporters, and all those who participate in our programs – is critical to achieving our mission-driven work.  Together we are stronger, can go further, and achieve more.

  • Education is not about telling people what to think, but rather about helping people learn how to think. Our programs and resources follow relevant, bias-balanced educational principles.

  • Leadership and accountability are vital. That's why ACEE 's Board of Directors plays an active role in setting program direction and in engaging with our funders and supporters.

  • We will never accept a donation that compromises our commitment to our mission, our programs, or our essential values; we can and do reserve the right to decline any gift that does not meet our principles.