Calgary Schools for Climate Action

The Calgary Schools for Climate Action initiative represents an exciting and timely opportunity to engage  Calgary’s K-12 school community in local, yet globally referenced, climate education, action, and citizenship using the City’s Climate Resilience Strategy and the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 as visions and organizing frameworks. 

Connecting Classrooms to Professionals

At ACEE, we support environmental education in all shapes and forms. Teachers have told us that students engaged in inquiry- and project-based learning would benefit from bringing in professionals to answer questions and support projects, and we want to make that happen. Our new Connecting Classrooms to Professionals program will match classrooms with working professionals in various fields to help advance learning in topics surrounding climate, energy, the environment, and sustainability. 

Energy Revealed

Energy Revealed is a national learning initiative that brings real-world energy monitoring and management into the hands of students, teachers and facility managers. This cross-curricular, multi-grade, experiential learning program leverages installed and plug-in energy monitoring technology to provide practical, hands-on opportunities with real life applications.

Youth Narratives Project

The Youth Narratives Project is an exciting energy and environmental literacy initiative that aims to help education agencies and teachers better understand climate-energy language and approaches that resonate with youth audiences.