Provincial Data

One of the key practices in climate change education is to make it 'us, here, now' not 'them, there, then'. Using local data is one way to do this. Here are some resources to help you learn about climate impacts in your region.

How will the climate change in your community?  Find out, using the Climate Atlas

April 2018 saw the creation of a potential game-changer: a robust science tool that will show you what your likely future climate will be where you live.  Try it out, it's easy! Click on the Map and then in the upper right hand corner the help button provides information and a Tour link to walk you through how to use it. 

You'll end up using an interactive map from the Prairie Climate Centre that helps you learn about climate impacts across Canada. See the map here:

Alberta Temperature and Precipitation Animation

Short animations that show the change in annual mean temperature and precipitation between 1950-2090.


City of Calgary

At the workshop in December 2017, we had an excellent presentation from the City of Calgary about climate change impacts and adaptation. Download the presentation here.

Learn more about the City of Calgary Climate Program here.

City of Edmonton

At the workshop in January 2018, the City of Edmonton shared their innovative work. Download the presentation here.

Other resources for the City of Edmonton include: