Recharge 2019 Workshop Resources

One of our goals for Recharge 2019 was to supply conference attendees with Monday morning ready tools. Below you will find a collection of resources categorized by workshop. For more resources and Monday morning ready tools please visit out Resource Hub! If you have any questions, resource recommendations, or need help finding a resource, please email

Workshop Resources:

Climate Change and Energy Visualizations Lesson Plans - Stacy Muise, Ingenium  

Links to the lesson plans that were utilized during the workshop here:

Additional links for downloadable posters / infographics and lesson plans on climate change here: 

Climate Connection Circle - Jule Asterisk and Cleo Reece, Keepers of the Athabasca

Workshop Presentation

Additional Resources:

Environment in Alberta Curriculum 2017 (by Alberta Education)
Climate Change resources for Teachers (Keepers' research and collected resources)
BE READY - Red Cross trifold about their free phone app for emergencies
Alberta Emerald Foundation Postcard - Grants for students' great environmental ideas

Sustainable School Boards: Leadership AND Grassroots = Success! - Olena Olafson, CBE

Workshop Presentation 

Using Story, the Arts and Gamification to Inspire Real-World Climate Action Superheroes - Cinthia Nemoto, DreamRider Productions

Fully funded (no cost!) to teachers in Alberta, these resources will help you:

  • Meet Alberta curriculum standards in science, fine arts, language, and social studies, as well as 21st century learning skills
  • Save time with 4x1hr pre-planned lessons - no training required
  • Integrate Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into your lessons, with content developed in collaboration with Indigenous elders, culture keepers, and artists. Learn more.
  • Engage diverse learners through a fun arts-based and interdisciplinary approach


Edmonton only:
The Planet Protector Academy: Keep Cool is a digital-led teaching resource on climate, energy conservation, and transportation for Grades 3-6. Students explore learning through fun, arts-based activities in teams before going home on superhero missions to change their families' habits. Fully funded for teachers in Edmonton. Learn more and register here!

For the entire AB province here are two fun and engaging resources from the Planet Protector Academy that are available for Grades 3-6:

  • Water conservation and protection: H2Whoa! focuses on our connection to water and inspires your students to conserve and protect our precious water resources! Find out more and sign up!
  • Waste Reduction: Zero Heroes focuses on waste & consumption issues and inspires your students to reduce waste on our finite planet! Find out more and sign up!

ReBoot: Creative Boot Camp for Mind, Body and Soul - Coral Thew, Parks Canada 

EN: Parks Canada Resources for Educators

FR: Ressources de Parcs Canada pour les éducateurs

Climate Solutions -Enhancing Alberta Youth's Climate Literacy and Action - Sheri Tarrington, CPAWS Southern Alberta

Workshop presentation

Additional Resources: CPAWS list of Climate Connect Resources and the Alberta Youth Narratives Project

Building Resilience: Be a Stakeholder in a Climate Change Scenario Game - Nathalie Olson, ​Battle River Watershed Alliance

 View the Building Resilience scenario game played during the workshop here: In the Classroom Game