Students' Recommendations for Climate Leadership in Alberta schools

"Supporting Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by students for Alberta's Educational Leaders"
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Below is a summary of the recommendations found in the report:


  • A framework of Climate, Environmental and Energy Literacy should be integrated through ALL classes, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • Curriculum should encourage hands-on opportunities that give students practical experience as they make a difference.
  • Teachers should be allowed enough time, support, and flexibility in their teaching so that students can learn about environment, energy and climate change in our everyday lives.


Student Learning

  • Engage students to develop and implement plans to decrease the carbon footprint created by their lifestyle and their school.
  • Get students outside more often to work with the environment or to have outdoor classes or classrooms.
  • Encourage cooperation with community partners and industry to celebrate, finance and provide unique learning opportunities.
  • Create Student Advisory Committees that would give feedback on local and provincial levels.


School Infrastructure

  • Engage students in reducing the consumption of energy and the materials of their schools.
  • Help us learn to produce our own energy and food in school.
  • Create a fund that schools could apply to for relevant Climate Leadership projects.


Teacher Professional Learning

  • Ensure that future educators know how to incorporate environmental, energy and climate topics into their teaching.
  • Ensure that teachers already in the classroom have the skills they need to incorporate environmental, energy and climate topics into their teaching.