Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leadership

In 2016, over 3000 students worked with ACEE and CGE and outlined recommendations in “Supporting Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leaders" which they presented to Education Minister David Eggen and Environment & Parks Minister Shannon Phillips. The report outlines recommendations for curriculum, student learning, school infrastructure, and teacher professional learning. Check out their story on Green Energy Futures.

In 2020, AYLEEE students came together to review and update the student white paper from 2016. The result, a new paper titled "Supporting Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Climate Education in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leadership." This paper outlines what students feel has been achieved since the publication of the 2016 paper, what still needs to be addressed, and new recommendations for embedding environment, energy, sustainability, and climate education in Alberta schools. 

2020 Student Recommendations:

  • Recommendations on Curriculum and Student Applications
    • A framework for climate, environmental, and energy literacy must be integrated throughout ALL classes, from Kindergarten to Grade 12
    • Incorporate hands-on learning experiences that promote environmental stewardship and advocacy skills that can be applied to everyday life 
    • Introduce more opportunities for pilot projects related to climate education
  • Recommendations on School Infrastructure
    • Secure sustainable funding for infrastructure projects 
    • Ensure the effective and efficient design of new schools and renovations for old schools 
    • Develop composting and recycling infrastructure for all schools 
    • Engage students in school infrastructure projects and ensure their voice is heard 
    • Partner with community and/or industry groups to provide extra money in the form of grants and funds to encourage student-led infrastructure initiatives inside schools 
    • Create a Student Environmental Advisory Committee for every Alberta school
  • Recommendations on Teacher Professional Development
    • Educate teachers about environmental, energy, and climate topics
    • Provide teachers with up-to-date resources for teaching about climate change and how it will affect our future 
  • Recommendations on Transportation 
    • Promote public transit and alternative transportation methods
    • Use renewable energy and/or alternative fuel sources to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from fossil fuels, and assist in mitigating possible health conditions
    • Provide more opportunities for extensive, reliable, and affordable bus systems serving both urban and rural areas