Water & Aquatic Life

Evergreen Theatre programs include a touring stage show as well as an Artist in Residency program.​

  • Every year Evergreen Theatre puts on a different 50-minute touring show, with curriculum-based scripts, exciting props and student participation. A teacher's guide is available for pre/post discussions in the classroom.
  • The Artist in Residency program connects theatre professionals to your school to create a play with your students, "growing" your own show. Get kids teaching their peers about science and the environment through theatre. Using inquiry-based learning, students are challenged to discover meaning and relevance in curriculum linked topics pertinent to natural, scientific and environmental issues.


The Energy Education Encyclopedia is an online resource for teachers and students that contains accurate information on:


Visit the index for links to more topics. 

Evergreen provides lesson plans for K-12 students on climate, conservation, and outdoor activities, and how-to guides for gardening and composting. 

The Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada is an interactive website that allows students and teachers to explore First Nations, Métis, and Inuit history and contemporary events. For full text, the Atlas can be ordered through Amazon.ca or other retailers.

Teacher's Pet provides in-school field trips covering environmental topics, including: renewable energy, building birdhouses, wetlands, plants, waste, natural resources, and animal life cycles & conservation. 

Granary Road provides active learning field trips for Gr, K-9, in which students can explore outdoor exhibits covering the following topics: crops, animals, bees, swamps, and bats. 

The Earth Rangers Clubs program is made up of elementary school-age students and educators, who have committed to taking action in helping animals and the environment. We have created a free and easy to use platform for eco clubs to track their activities or for new clubs to be started. 

To register a club and for more information click here

Earth Rangers provides integrative lesson plans for all grades in science, art, math, and physical education on topics ranging from wetlands, land & animal conservation, to gardening and outdoor activities. 

This Guide to Action Projects includes curriculum links for Gr. 3-12, with connections to science, social studies, and biology 20/30. 

Published in 2005 by Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Calgary/Banff.

What's in your water? - This interactive map allows students learn about natural occurrences in water, pollutants, and how we and industry impact water quality in the Bow River Basin. 

Water Use Quiz - Students can take the quiz to better understand how much their everyday actions use water.

The Alberta Water Nexus Video - This quick video provides visuals to show students that energy, food, and people all need water and we must find a balance to meet our needs and those of the animals and plants that depend on our basin. 




HCTF Education provides a resource page of lesson plans & activity guides for all grades and subjects ranging from energy, climate, plants and animals to water. There is also an online store to purchase outdoor teaching supplies and kits.