Water & Aquatic Life

Keep Cool - Edmonton (Gr. 3-6): A Mission for Climate, Energy, & Transportation

Keep Cool - Calgary (Gr. 3-6): A Mission for Climate, Energy, & Transportation

H2Whoa! (Gr. 3-6): A Mission for Water

All programs are easy to use, you just need to play the videos! Includes weekly 60-90 minute lessons in the classroom combined with at-home superhero missions.

See also: Planet Protector Academy Home Edition for parents!


Green Calgary provides programs in all Grades and topic areas. All programs are linked to curriculum.

Elementary Programs (Green Kids): Waste in Our World, Worms Love Leftovers, Water for Life, Powering Our World, Clean Green, Stormwater in the City, & Garden Tower Project

Junior High & High School Programs/ Science 10 & Science 14 (Generation Green): Powering Our World, Clean Green, Ecosystem Services, & Stormwater in the City.

High School EcoForce Leadership Club: EcoForce is a program for Calgary youth who are looking to become environmental leaders in their communities. 3-5 Spring Sessions offered in April-June.  

The Energy Revolution Fair (Grades 6-12), every year during the Mayor's Environment Expo






The Alberta Tomorrow simulator allows students to explore Alberta's resources and land in the past, and make predictions for the future. Students can create and test their own future based on their environmental and economic goals. There are also simulations about Alberta glaciers and climate change. With the Climate Change Module, students can make future scenarios with mild, medium or hot climate change profiles.

See 360 Ecoregion Virtual Tours for each ecoregion in Alberta.  Lesson plans for Adaptations and Species at Risk in Alberta are also available to be used with the ecoregion tours.

Teachers, students, and the public can sign up for free online on the website. 

Telus Spark is always updating their programs. Check back every August for new programs in a variety of environmental topics, such as "Backyard Ecologists" (K-1), "Water Filters" (Gr.4), "Wetland Inquiry" (Gr. 5), "Sparking Circuits" (Gr.5), "Water for All" (Gr. 8), "Electricity Blocks" (Gr. 9), "Pipeline Challenge" (Gr. 7), & "Soil Processes" (Gr. 9). 

Elements Society provides virtual and in-person school programs related to sustainability and waste. The newest program EcoCooks is an in-person, science-based environmental cooking program for Calgary classrooms that addresses how food choices impact the health of our planet.

Testing Kits support the Grade 8 science unit: Freshwater and Saltwater Systems and the Grade 9 science unit: Environmental Chemistry. . 


RiverWatch takes students in Gr. 8-12 on an all-day field trip on the river, aboard large inflatable rafts fully-equipped as floating laboratories! RiverWatch helps secondary science students to explore a 10 km section of their local river. Along the way, students make shoreline stops to conduct water chemistry and biology tests above and below a wastewater treatment plant. Working in a team environment to collect water quality data, students are better able to answer the question, "How healthy is our river?": 


WEM Marine Life provides field trips on topics of waste in oceans and human impact.

Weaselhead provides field trips and in-class visits for students in Gr. 1-9 in plants and animals, biodiversity, and human impact.