With water testing kits available in English and French, teachers can order a kit or request a sponsored kit and potentially receive it for free! Students in Grades 4-12 explore their local water and learn about drinking water quality issues and solutions, giving them results regarding their local drinking water and other water samples. 

There are three different programs with kits:

Operation Water Drop (OWD): Enables students to test their local drinking water.

Operation Water Pollution (OWD): Students build a filtration system and test it. 

Operation Water Biology (OWB): Teaches about biological water treatment and includes hands-on activities about ammonia, iron, chlorine & chloramine. 

Many programs are based on a series of lesson plans and are free! Programs include Operation Community Water Footprint, Operation Water Health, Operation Water Spirit, and Operation Water Flow. Operation Water Spirit and Operation Water Health are available in Cree

EcoSchools Actions: Community Science

Elementary and High School Operation Water Drop Kits: Have your students test your local drinking water and other water samples, compare their results to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, and engage them in citizen science by entering their results into the Operation Water Drop Test Results Submission Website.