Lesson Plans

HCTF Education provides a resource page of lesson plans & activity guides for all grades and subjects ranging from energy, climate, plants and animals to water. There is also an online store to purchase outdoor teaching supplies and kits. 

Land Talk is an interactive map showcasing stories from around the world about how the land has changed. On its own, this is an excellent historic resource to study how areas have changed. Students and teachers can also submit conversations from their city to be added on the map. There are also lesson plans


The website also features lesson plans that explore topics in ecology, history, changes in biomes, and the power of words. 

The Helen Schuler Nature Centre in Lethbridge offers school programs, exhibits and nature trails to enjoy all year round. 

The City of Lethbridge developed Teaching and Learning Resources including Lesson Plans on Bottled Water, Textile Recycling, Stormwater and Grasslands.  




Praxis Outreach Society offers science kits & resources, lesson plans, science fair support, and career exploration days for teachers and students in the Medicine Hat area.

The Alberta Tomorrow simulator allows students to explore Alberta's resources and land in the past, and make predictions for the future. Students can create and test their own future based on their environmental and economic goals. There are also simulations about Alberta glaciers and climate change. With the Climate Change Module, students can make future scenarios with mild, medium or hot climate change profiles.

See 360 Ecoregion Virtual Tours for each ecoregion in Alberta.  Lesson plans for Adaptations and Species at Risk in Alberta are also available to be used with the ecoregion tours.

Teachers, students, and the public can sign up for free online on the website. 

Testing Kits support the Grade 8 science unit: Freshwater and Saltwater Systems and the Grade 9 science unit: Environmental Chemistry. . 


Energy Literacy Modules (Gr. 6-12) explore geothermal, biomass, solar, nuclear, wind, goal, tidal, petroleum, & hydro energy.

Habitat in the Balance Modules (Gr. 7-12) explore water stories, inhabitants stories, and land stories.

Wading in for Water Program (Science 14) is an instructional support resource that includes individual lesson plans, recommended resources, and suggestions for student assessment.

Teaching Activities for Climate Change Free Kit (includes energy-saving action cards, CD with Powerpoint presentations, and a teachers' guide. This program fits with secondary science, social studies, geography, and environmental studies).

Green Schools register as a Green School and complete action projects. 

The CONNECTIONS CTS program covers the following modules:

ENS 1010 Introduction to Environmental Stewardship
HSS 2030 Perspectives on Personal Relationships
HSS 1080 Leadership Fundamentals
HSS 1910 Project A
HSS 1090 Speaking and Presenting

The CONNECTIONS Program can be offered as a timetabled, semestered course; in before and after school timetabled slots; or, as an extra-curricular activity in which students commit to working on the program about twice a week (pre-trip 12 to 15 hours, 4 days on-site (at Kamp Kiwanis), and about 12 to 15 hours post-trip). 


With water testing kits available in English and French, teachers can order a kit or request a sponsored kit and potentially receive it for free! Students in Grades 4-12 explore their local water and learn about drinking water quality issues and solutions, giving them results regarding their local drinking water and other water samples. 

There are three different programs with kits:

Operation Water Drop (OWD): Enables students to test their local drinking water.

Operation Water Pollution (OWD): Students build a filtration system and test it. 

Operation Water Biology (OWB): Teaches about biological water treatment and includes hands-on activities about ammonia, iron, chlorine & chloramine. 

Many programs are based on a series of lesson plans and are free! Programs include Operation Community Water Footprint, Operation Water Health, Operation Water Spirit, and Operation Water Flow. Operation Water Spirit and Operation Water Health are available in Cree

EcoSchools Actions: Community Science

Elementary and High School Operation Water Drop Kits: Have your students test your local drinking water and other water samples, compare their results to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, and engage them in citizen science by entering their results into the Operation Water Drop Test Results Submission Website.


CAWST Wavemakers has Teacher Resources and Learning tools for Grades 1-12 for students to explore water and sanitation issues in developing countries and how this can relate to their local communitiy. 


Alberta Environment & Parks provides activity books and lesson plans for all Grades and a variety of topics, including air quality, Alberta wildlife and fish, composting, and waste reduction.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry provides lesson plans and resources about agriculture in Alberta for all Grades. 

Nature Source is an education portal created by Alberta Parks that contains virtual experiences and curriculum-linked modules.