Teaching Supplies & Kits

Clothing4Climate is a project-based learning unit that empowers students to learn about where their clothing comes from and make a difference through their choices.

Visit the Thrive Outside resource portal and select whether you are a Recreation Worker, Caregiver, Parent, Educator, or Early Childhood Educator and instantly be connected to relevant resources! 

Also available in French! 

Inside Education offers free environmental & natural resource education in the form of grants, lesson plans, activities, videos, teacher guides, toolkits, classroom and field programs, youth summits, and professional development for all grade levels in a huge variety of topics and subject areas!

Water Rangers provides testing kits that can be purchased online. Users can upload their data to the Water Rangers Data Platform, and view data collected by others all over Canada!

Canada's Outdoor Learning Store sells a variety of book bundles, guides, and kits to aid educators in taking learning outdoors. Search the shop by seasons, themes, type, language, and age level. It is run as a social enterprise which allows them to provide a return for outdoor learning non-profit organizations from across the country, and beyond.

Add your class to the Junior Water Walkers! Use the activity ideas in the four pillars: Connect, Reflect, Respect, and Protect, and then commit to protecting a local water source near your school. Check out the book The Water Walker by Joanne Robertson, and sign up to receive a Water Box for your own class copy of the book and journal to act as a "time capsule" of your learning, to then pass on to a new class at the end of the year. 

Butterfly Wings n' Wishes Ltd has a variety of critter kits for your classroom. Larvae Kits can be pre-ordered for the Spring anytime throughout the year, and preordering is recommended.  Kits do not include a habitat for the adult butterflies and must be ordered separately.

Butterfly Wings and Wished Ltd also offers in-classroom programs! Outreach programs include an up-close and personal experience with 7-10 animals, a mix of native and exotic rescue species. Topics covered are conservation, needs of the animals, ecological interactions, our effect on wildlife, and what we can do to help. 
Classes are one hour long, and program attendance is capped at 30 people. 


This Plug-In Energy Monitor is available to order and tracks how much energy each appliance uses. 

Teachers can register for free for The Recyclers program to have the Alberta Depot visit their Grade 4 classroom and present on the importance of recycling bottles and how students can contribute. 

As part of the program, we also offers schools the bins below for free!

  • Outdoor bin (1 per school)
  • Hallway bin
  • Classroom bin
  • Box of liner bags (5 per school)

We also offer free education kits that are a smaller version of the in-person presentation. It has a board game, a poster featuring our Recycler characters, an interactive game teachers can do with students and a USB with instructions and our award winning video that introduces The Recycler characters.

There is also a new online store where teachers can order swag that features our Recycler characters or items that are recyclable or made from recycled material. All of it is free! Each educator has 500 points to use in the online store, with each item costing 5 points. 

Bins, swag, and school kits can be shipped anywhere in Alberta! 

The NEED Project has solar education kits for purchase on their website. Written at four levels, primary, elementary, intermediate, and secondary students learn about solar energy transformations including solar energy to thermal energy and solar energy to electricity.