Supporting School Boards


With the help of research conducted by the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN), ACEE has outlined a list of policy recommendations that we are advocating on behalf of for Alberta school boards to adopt and implement in order to better provide for the educational needs of Alberta's 750,000+ plus students. 

Each policy recommendation fits under one or more of the four following categories: Governance, Facilities & Operations, Teaching & Learning, and Community Partnerships, which you can find above and on the left side-bar menu. 

Along with each category and their respective recommendations, we have also outlined a list of resources, examples and policy templates to further support school board leadership. 

For a complete list of these high priority policy recommendations and examples, check out our downloadable handout

Another great resource is from the Aspen Institute (US) that outlines recommendations for the education sector to address climate change at the school board, local government, state/provincial and federal level.

We support school boards through...