Shauna Kelly

Shauna Kelly joined ACEE in May 2019 as the Environment and Energy Education Intern and has now taken on the role of Program Lead for Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education (AYLEEE). She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia and has a strong passion for environmental education. Shauna first discovered her passion while volunteering for the Alberta Climate Leadership Youth Network (now AYLEEE), where she had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with Alberta students on the importance of environmental education and youth voice. Shauna lives in Prince George and when she isn't working or studying; she can usually be found in Forests for the World. Email: shauna[at]

“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton