Social Studies Unit

ACEE is creating a new Social Studies Unit: Exploring Global Climate Change and Climate Leadership

ACEE is creating a new education program to support the Grade 10 Alberta Social Studies curriculum: Living in a Globalizing World: Exploring Global Climate Change and Climate Leadership.

We're currently working with master teachers, stakeholders, and staff from ACEE and the Environmental Law Centre, who has contracted us to do this work. We're pleased to announce that we've contracted Master teacher Adam Robb to lead this work (see bio).

Teachers - program prototyping and field testing will begin in Alberta classrooms this September - email Adam Robb if you'd like to participate!

Adam Robb Bio...

  • Adam is an Alberta teacher/program developer who believes that students deserve the chance to design solutions that create stronger, more resilient communities.
  • His students have attended and presented at environmental design conferences throughout North America and are now some of Canada's most influential environmental change-makers.
  • He led students in co-designing the first self-sustainable modular classroom; for this he received the Living Future Hero Award. He's also a recipient of the Alberta Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Adam most recently developed programming for Beakerhead in Calgary.
  • Adam co-teachers and develops a high school course in Calgary called Energy and Environmental Innovations, as well as high school Social Studies.