Meet the ACEE staff

ACEE Board and Staff Meeting, 2021

Top row (L to R): Brian Callaghan, Shauna Kelly, Marie Tremblay, Tanya Doran

Second row (L to R): Kathy Worobec, Jennifer D'Aoust, Wyatt Schierman, Tim Weis

Third row (L to R): Jim Sandercock, Sterling Rempel, Melissa Easton, Donna Ross

Bottom row (L to R): Lesley Margetak, Brad Clute, Pat Worthington

Missing: Lia Harding, Diana Kurila, Susan McKeague

Kathy Worobec

Kathy Worobec is a Senior Education Advisor for ACEE. She brings her more than 25 years of experience in environmental and energy education programs to this role. She provides strategic guidance for programs and operations. Kathy is our lead in supporting, connecting and building capacity within the environmental and energy education community. She continues to play a supportive role in our K-12 initiatives and Energy Revealed program. Kathy has taught in the classroom, worked in the energy efficiency field and before joining ACEE was part of the Pembina Institute and GreenLearning Canada education teams. She received her education degree from the University of Alberta. Kathy lives in Edmonton and you can find her out biking or skiing with her husband or spending time with her two sons.  E-mail: Kathy[at]


Marie Tremblay

Marie Tremblay joined ACEE in May 2018 as a Senior Education Advisor, bringing to her new role a dual passion for education and the environment. With university degrees in engineering, education, environmental design (Master’s) and ecology (PhD), it’s fair to say she also has a passion for learning. Marie’s professional experience includes over a decade of teaching in a variety of settings from grade 1 to university level, including five years in Indigenous communities of Canada’s far north. Marie has also been an active member of Alberta’s environmental community for over two decades as a graduate student, conservation scientist in the government and non-profit sectors, and board member of Nature Calgary and Alberta’s Prairie Conservation Forum. Marie lives in Calgary and when she is not working loves to explore southern Alberta’s diverse natural environments by foot, ski or paddle with her family and friends. She is also an avid cyclist and proud mother of two delightful young men, Eric and Alex. Email: Marie[at]


Susan McKeague (on maternity leave)

Susan McKeague joined ACEE in June 2018 as the Energy Revealed Program Manager. This exciting program will help students, teachers and school boards understand how energy efficiency best practices can lead to sustainability. Susan brings over 10 years’ experience in energy efficiency education. Prior to joining ACEE, Susan developed and managed a unique energy education program educating students and Albertans about where our energy comes from and how we can use it efficiently. Susan holds a Business Degree from Acadia University and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of New Brunswick and brings a diverse perspective from time spent living in Africa and India.  Susan spends her spare time in the mountains exploring nature by bike or foot with her daughter and husband. Email: Susan[at]


Diana Kurila

Diana Kurila is a volunteer at ACEE. She worked for ACEE during the summers of 2018 and 2019 and created the new ACEE Resource Hub and adapted an Energy Transition Game for Grade 9 and high school classrooms. Diana received her teaching degree in 2019 and is now teaching within the Calgary Board of Education. Email: Diana[at]


Shauna Kelly

Shauna Kelly joined ACEE in May 2019 and is the Youth and Program Coordinator for the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education (AYLEE). She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia and has a strong passion for environmental education. Shauna lives in Calgary and when she isn't working or studying; she can usually be found hiking. Email: shauna[at]


Wyatt Schierman

Wyatt Schierman is a Program Coordinator for ACEE. He has completed both his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, as well as his Master of Public Policy, from the University of Calgary. Wyatt is also a former intern and consultant of The Carter Center, in Atlanta, GA, where he worked in election observation. In his spare time, he is a freelance writer and a regular columnist with Loonie Politics. He also enjoys running, swimming, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Email: Wyatt[at]


Lia Harding

Lia Harding joined ACEE in 2020 as a Communications Specialist. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Calgary. She has previously worked as a technical writer and has done social media work as a volunteer for a number of non-profit organizations. Lia enjoys visiting the mountains, reading, and petting any animal that will sit still long enough. Email: lia[at]