Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Summer Institute for Climate Change, Alberta, Canada Cohort

Connected and replenished - grounding our teaching in climate solutions

Over 330 teachers and educators attended the virtual 2021 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, organized by Climate Generation in partnership with the Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program, and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The energy our youth leaders and teachers from across Canada brought to the Alberta cohort day was rejuvenating! We geared up together for a new school year of learning through a focus on solutions for a brighter future. We are inspired by the tenacity, openness and joy of our teachers in these challenging times. One participant shared:

“It was amazing to be able to connect with educators all over North America. The Alberta/Canada cohort was a great way to focus on our community.” 

We look forward to sharing our learnings in upcoming ACEE webinars and workshops, at this year’s teaching conventions, and of course at next year’s Summer Institute. 


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Testimonials from Summer Institute attendees

"The Summer Institute turned my teaching of climate on its head: I can now thoroughly embark on an authentic, localized exploration of solutions for our common future that empowers students and brings forth active and connected communities. How exciting!" 

"[I registered] to increase my capacity to meaningfully engage with social justice issues and to find strategies to implement into an urban, Albertan high school... In Alberta there is a lot of resistance to the climate crisis, but that resistance stems from misinformation and ideology."

More About the 2021 Summer Institute:

Meet the youth and watch the recording of the Youth Panel "Youth Voices on Climate Action" here 

Dr. Raven the Science Maven: Allow students the ability to say "I want to impact change and I can do it".

Watch Dr. Raven’s empowering Keynote here 

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Our Partners

The Summer Institute for Climate Change Education is organized by Climate Generation in collaboration with NOAA's Climate Office (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), The Wild Center's Youth Climate Program, and the Alberta Council of Environmental Education.

Climate Generation: A Will Steger LegacyThe Wild CenterNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.ACEE

Our Supporters

We thank Alberta Ecotrust, the Chawkers Foundation, and the Suncor Energy Foundation for their financial support of ACEE's contribution to this program.