Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Summer Institute for Climate Change, Alberta, Canada Cohort

Connect and replenish - renew your passion for climate change education

Teachers and educators: interested in including climate change in your classroom or education program? Join ACEE, Climate Generation, and more than 300 educators from across North America for the 2021 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, where we will focus on re-centering ourselves in the joy of teaching, while strengthening our understanding of climate science and climate justice, and identify climate change solutions that our students and communities can work towards.

40+ educators, scientists, youth, and climate activists will present on some of the best practices of climate change education while empowering you with tools and resources to engage your students and communities in climate action. 

As part of the Alberta Cohort, you will have the opportunity to mingle with fellow Albertans and focus on regional issues and resources. 

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When: July 28–30, 2021
Where: Online, your living room, and your neighbourhood!

  • Early Bird Deadline: June 18 
  • Fee: $250 U.S.
  • $50 refund from ACEE to the first early bird registrants!  
  • Full and partial scholarships available
  • To register, click here



  • 20 Hours of Continuing Education.
  • Membership to Climate Generation’s Teach Climate Network to receive ongoing support throughout the year.
  • Access to the Teach Climate Network Hub, an online platform for members to connect and learn.
  • Monthly Teach Climate Tips in your inbox.
  • Free resources and curriculum to help you teach climate.

Alberta Cohort

Participants will spend Day 2 of the Institute with one of 13 regional cohorts, each one focusing on climate change impacts, solutions, and relationships within their specific regions.  In Alberta, join Dr. Marie Tremblay and Dr. Melanie Hoffman to explore what climate change means to Albertans, climate change solutions, climate justice, and regionally relevant education resources. 

Marie Tremblay, Senior Education Advisor, Alberta Council for Environmental Education

Marie Tremblay“As Albertans, we tend to view climate change through a very Alberta-centric lens. I’m excited to be working with Climate Generation on this year’s summer institute because it represents a unique opportunity to gain a broader perspective on climate education and learn from the best climate educators from across North America.”




Melanie Hoffman, Principal, HoffFull Solutions Climate Education and Consulting

Melanie Hoffman“As a chemist moving into climate education, the last three years have been an amazing learning journey in all aspects of building community and uplifting all people, in the words of my alma mater. The Summer Institute will bring these diverse, important aspects of education on climate change and solutions together, and I am thrilled to co-organize an engaging set of local workshops for our Alberta teachers. I’m also so excited that we will co-create a hub from which to build climate teacher community in Alberta through the Teach Climate Network, all participants can stay in touch and have a space to share climate-related questions, and struggles. Mutual support matters!”



Sessions and Speakers

Check out this sneak peak to see some of the workshops offered for each theme. More information about workshops and speakers will be posted as it becomes available. 

Six themes were chosen for this year's Summer Institute:

  • Climate Change Science and Solutions: Explore the many facets of climate change impacts and solutions, hear from climate change scientists, and get resources to help teach about the connection between climate change evidence, impacts, and solutions.
  • Combatting Misinformation, Science Denial, and Developing Media Literacy: Learn the skills and get the tools you need to help your students fight science denial, combat misinformation, and develop media literacy about the causes and solutions of climate change.
  • Exploring Ways of Knowing: Investigate how cultural practices and personal beliefs impact our understanding of climate change, and practice integrating many ways of knowing and investigating global phenomena in their lesson plans.
  • Beliefs in Stories and Personal Experiences: Develop skills to help your students uncover their climate stories and learn how writing, art, and climate fiction engages and inspires people to take climate change action.
  • Shifting Power and Voice to Marginalized Communities: Explore the socio-political history of climate change, hear historically sidelined narratives, and reimagine justice-focused climate change lesson planning that centers communities that are most impacted.
  • Teachers as Advocates for Youth Power: Lean into the wisdom and hope of our next generation by talking with youth in the climate justice movement, developing the skills to be a youth ally, and learning how to support inspired students through civic engagement.

To look after your students, you also have to look after yourself. Good Health is a Habit will run several wellness sessions throughout the convention.

Preliminary Schedule

On July 28th and July 30th, event activities will start at 9am CT and end at 4pm CT, with a few optional events outside of those main times. Regional cohort leaders will determine when the regional days begin and end.


"I attended the Summer Institute for the first time last summer and had a fantastic experience! I learned so much and am excited to attend once again...During last year's institute, I was inspired... and created my own lesson on climate denial... I also developed and implemented a lesson on the History of the Anthropocene, which engaged students in learning about the history of human-induced climate change." 

Returning Summer Institute 2020 attendee.

"[I registered] to increase my capacity to meaningfully engage with social justice issues and to find strategies to implement into an urban, Albertan high school... In Alberta there is a lot of resistance to the climate crisis, but that resistance stems from misinformation and ideology."

2021 registrant.

Learn More

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please visit 2021 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education on Climate Generation's website. 

Have any questions? Contact Marie Tremblay at

Our Partners

The Summer Institute for Climate Change Education is put on by Climate Generation, in partnership with NOAA's Climate Office (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and The Wild Center's Youth Climate Program, and the Alberta Council of Environmental Education.

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