Taking the Next Step Toward Sustainability

We are committed to helping school boards ‘take the next step’ towards environmental sustainability by integrating student learning and school infrastructure. We help school boards:

  • Learn from their colleagues about best practices in student learning and environmentally friendly school infrastructure
  • Explore synergies between these two areas
  • Consider how to take the next step towards environmental sustainability

We’re pleased to do this work in support of the Alberta School Boards Association, and its recent resolution in support of sustainable development and environmental education.

Our work includes the Thought Leaders Forum, workshops offered to board trustees and superintendents in their six Alberta zones, and examples of School Sustainability Programs across Canada. 

"I loved the hands-on approach you used in your presentation, and the chance to review policies created by other boards.  Great stuff!" (Cheryl Johner, Ward A Trustee, Edmonton Public School Board)