Taking the Next Step Toward Sustainability

"[What I liked best about the Thought Leaders Forum was] the teacher and student showcases; it made it really hit home the advantages of environmental education programming.” - Kathryn Brooks, Literacy Coordinator at Little Red River Board of Education

At ACEE, we are committed to helping school boards ‘take the next step’ towards environmental sustainability by integrating student learning and school infrastructure. We help school boards:

  • Learn from their colleagues about best practices in student learning and greening school infrastructure
  • Explore synergies between these two areas
  • Consider how to take the next step towards environmental sustainability


ACEE is extremely proud to introduce our brand new thought-provoking short video titled 'Taking the Next Step'.  Find out why K-12 education leaders from across Alberta believe schools should be leading the way toward a sustainable future. 

Watch it.  Share it.  Discuss it. 

How can schools engage students in creating a brighter, more sustainable future?