Thought Leaders Forum on Environmental and Energy Education and Sustainability

In November 2018 we convened over 165 education and thought leaders in a full-day session; participants included Education Minister David Eggen, and superintendents and trustees representing an amazing 44 different school authorities from across the province! Participants also included Indigenous leaders, student leaders and teachers, as well as representatives of government, non-government organizations (NGOs), and industry. 

To find out why K-12 education leaders from across Alberta believe schools should be leading the way toward a sustainable future, view our thought-provoking short video titled 'Taking the Next Step'.  

The Forum:

In collaboration with with Education Minister Eggen's office, ACEE convened education and opinion leaders for two jam-packed days of learning and sharing (Calgary - Nov. 23 and Edmonton - Nov. 30) to look for ways to help education leaders take the next step toward increasing environmental and energy literacy and sustainability in Alberta schools.  Together, we explored ways to: 

  • help advance student learning around energy and the environment;
  • ensure student readiness for jobs in a low carbon economy; and
  • help schools save money through increased energy efficiency.  


During the day, participants had an opportunity to:

  • hear inspiring stories of how students, teachers, school administrators, energy experts and many others are working to advance environmental and energy literacy and sustainability in Alberta schools;
  • network with colleagues; and
  • engage in facilitated discussions covering topics such as greening the school infrastructure, infusing more environmental and energy content into the curriculum, teacher professional development, Indigenous perspectives on sustainability, and preparing students for success in a clean energy future. 

 Click here for summaries and presentations from the events.  

Here's what participants told us they liked best: 

"The forum had a great balance between presentations and table discussions. The pre-forum communication was excellent!"

"The shared stories from many perspectives. Teachers, principal, superintendents, students".

"Networking. Best PD I've had for a long time."

"The sharing of information between jurisdictions."

"Stories and ideas from different school divisions.  Discussion at the tables. Opportunity to have focused conversations on this topic."

"Extremely organized and timely."


More information is available at the links below: