Supporting School Councils

Resources for schools to share with parents (downloadable list)

  • Youth polling and focus group reports highlight that our young people lack environmental and energy literacy, knowledge about climate — and hope for the future.

  • The student recommendations for environmental, energy, and climate change education

  • Academic research on the benefits of environmental education and guidelines for implementation.

  • EcoSchools Canada in Alberta offers K-12 schools a certification program that nurtures environmental learning and climate action.

  • Teacher workshops - ACEE offers a number of workshops and there are videos of a number of these available for any teachers or parents.

  • Teaching resources - ACEE's Resource Hub is a searchable database to help teachers find teaching resources for their classroom.

  • Funding opportunities for supporting school awareness of environmental education and taking on action projects like creating outdoor classrooms, gardens, greenhouses and installing solar panels.

Resources for families

We have compiled our favourite outdoor activities to connect children to nature along with articles about connecting children to nature

For days when you're stuck in the house, you can also find a collection of awesome and engaging online activities from trusted environmental education organizations here.

ACEE offers a variety of workshops and there are videos of a number of these available for teachers and caregivers to view.

Initiatives for caregivers to take

Contact your Member of the Legislative Assembly and/or local school trustee and share your concerns over the lack of environmental, energy and climate education currently being instructed in Alberta classrooms.

Share your feedback on the draft K-6 curriculum to the Government of Alberta. Check out the link here to do so: Have your say |

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