Supporting Teachers

Teaching about the environment, climate change, and energy while helping students understand what they can do, is so important - but it can be challenging in Alberta, where views and attitudes on these topics are highly polarized. We can help! We've researched how to best engage students in environmental learning, and how teachers can 'go there' in a manner that is open, respectful, evidence-based, and that fosters empathy and critical thinking skills.  To support teachers we have developed a wide range of workshops, a program called Connecting Classrooms to Professionals, and partnered with GreenLearning Canada to bring you Energy Revealed. 

2020-21 Workshops coming your way!

The ACEE team is gearing up to offer a fantastic line-up of workshops for the 2020-21 school year. Whether you’re interested in fun environmental activities to do in your schoolyard or engaging students in learning about energy and climate change, we have something for everyone AND every grade level. Click here to see a full list of our current offerings

Ecoschools Canada

This new initiative seeks to engage Calgary's school community in student-led climate action that supports Calgary's Climate Resilience Strategy and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, click here

Connecting Classrooms to Professionals

Our Connecting Classrooms to Professionals program matches classrooms with working professionals in various fields to help advance learning in topics surrounding climate, energy, the environment, and sustainability. Click here to learn more about the Connecting Classrooms program.

Climate change and environmental education 

The current curriculum has many opportunities for including environment, energy and climate change connections. Check out our tips for teachers and climate education resources. To see how environmental literacy connects to your curriculum click here. For additional classroom resources check out our Resource Hub!

Recharge 2020 Conference (postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19)

At our energy and environmental education conference, teachers and educators will come together for three incredible days of professional development in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Click here for more information

Energy Revealed

The Energy Revealed program is an initiative that brings real-world energy monitoring and management into the hands of students, teachers and facility managers to provide practical, hands-on opportunities with real life applications. Learn more about the Energy Revealed program.

Energy Transition Game

The Energy Transition Game is a simulation activity where students play the role of a key player in Alberta's energy system. The objective of the game is to encourage students to think about energy from multiple perspectives and consider the future of the energy system in Alberta.  Click here to learn more. 

Youth Narratives and Polling

The Youth Narratives and Polling project is an exciting initiative that aims to help teachers better understand climate-energy language and approaches that resonate with youth audiences. Click here to learn more.

Click here to see our past programs