Teacher Needs Assesments

2017 Teacher Survey

Over 200 Alberta teachers responded to the survey. Click here to read the full report, including the recommendations. A few highlights include:

The top three barriers teachers face delivering climate change education in the classroom are:

  • Having to find their own resources
  • Funding to engage students in authentic learning experiences
  • Limited quality educational resources

What would help teachers the most as they include more climate change education:

  • Opportunities for experiential learning beyond the classroom
  • Curriculum and grade specific resources from external organizations
  • Access to climate change experts


2012 Teacher Survey 

180 teachers and administrators filled out the survey. Click here to view the full results. A few highlights include:

  • Teachers access a wide variety of experts to support environmental education in their classroom but they are most likely to learn from other teachers in their school
  • 32% of respondents report delivering an action project with their students
  • Teachers have the least amount of confidence in delivering action projects and finding funding for programs
  • Lack of funding and exposure to liability taking students outside are the two most important barriers to environmental education for teachers
  • Teachers' Conventions and PD days are the most likely venues for teachers to receive professional learning in environmental education
  • The top three ACEE programs supported by teachers are workshops at conventions, the on-line searchable resource database and working with Alberta Education to get EE into the new curriculum


2011 Teacher Professional Development Survey

This survey was conducted November-December 2010. We have summarized some of the data here. Information gathered in this survey helped ACEE identify a focus for  teacher professional development sessions for 2011-2012.