Teacher Needs Assessment - 2012

This survey was conducted February 2012.

Key Results

  • Teachers access a wide variety of experts to support environmental education in their classroom but they are most likely to learn from other teachers in their school
  • 32% of respondents report delivering an action project with their students
  • Teachers have the least amount of confidence in delivering action projects and finding funding for programs
  • Lack of funding and exposure to liability taking students outside are the two most important barriers to environmental education for teachers
  • Teachers' Conventions and PD days are the most likely venues for teachers to receive professional learning in environmental education
  • The top three ACEE programs supported by teachers are workshops at conventions, the on-line searchable resource database and working with Alberta Education to get EE into the new curriculum

More results are summarized below. Names, organizations and email addresses have been removed. Click on the topic below to see specific section:


About the respondents and environmental education in their classrooms

  • 180 teachers and administrators filled out the survey
  • Strong showing from elementary teachers
  • Teachers need support/training delivering action projects in the classroom
  • Top two barriers are lack of funding and exposure of liability in taking students outside
  • Teachers access a wide variety of experts to support environmental education but they are most likely to  learn from other teachers in their school
  • Teachers learn about new opportunities in a variety of ways, the top four are training workshops, contact with experts, networking with colleagues and conferences








 Environmental action projects and getting students outside

  • Only 32% of teachers report delivering an environmental action project in their classroom
  • Passion for the outdoors and the environment inspires teachers to incorporate environmental education into their teaching





 Professional development in environmental education

  • Teachers occasionally use the materials provided at a pd session
  • Resources are most commonly shared with colleauges through word of mouth
  • A useful resource provides clear curriculum connections and ideas for assessment
  • Workshops on PD days and at Teachers' Conventions are the most likely sessions teachers will attend
  • Barriers to professional development are varied but time to attend is the biggest factor
  • Most teachers find out about professional learning experiences through email
  • Hands on experience with the resource and something to take away are important components of professional learning sessions for teachers
  • Teachers are interested in a multi-day environmental education conference












 Social media use by teachers

  • 50% of teachers who responded use social media in their professional lives
  • 67% of respondents are using You Tube in their professional lives



 ACEE programs

  • Teachers find the most value in the following ACEE programs: workshops at teacher's conventions, on-line searchable resource database and working with Alberta Education
  • ACEE needs to do a better job of promoting the on-line resource database
  • Thanks for all the comments offered to improve our programs, we will be reviewing them as an organization and implementing your suggestions.