Teacher Professional Growth Plans

Weaving the "E" into your tEaching!

Engaging students in authentic environmental education, inquiries, and projects is a powerful way to develop cross-curricular competencies and prepare students to create a sustainable future! As you develop your Teacher Professional Growth Plan (TPGP) this year and explore how you and your students can make a difference, we encourage you to weave in environmental education and their close cousins, energy and wellness education!

We've provided a list of ideas for your consideration to include in your TPGP and we've identified some resources that can help you with with your professional learning needs. 

Concepts for consideration:
  • Increasing students' environmental and energy literacy.
  • Providing students with meaningful authentic learning through environmental inquiry or environmental project-based learning.
  • Providing students with experiential learning in nature to create healthy connections with nature.
  • Using environmental, energy and wellness education to develop cross-curricular competencies to achieve engaged thinkers, ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Resources to support your TPGP:
To help us promote professional learning opportunities and ensure we are offering what you need, please:
  • share exciting or innovative professional learning opportunities in environment, energy or wellness education 
  • share what other professional learning/resources you would like to support your TPGP in environment, energy or wellness education

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“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton