Supporting Teachers

Teaching about the environment, climate change, and energy while helping students understand what they can do, is so important - but it can be challenging in Alberta, where attitudes towards these topics are mixed. We can help! We've researched how to best engage students in environmental learning, and how teachers can 'go there' without incurring the skepticism of administrators or the wrath of parents! To support teachers we have developed workshops, a program called Connecting Classrooms, and partnered with GreenLearning Canada to bring you Energy Revealed. 

2019-20 Workshops Coming Your Way!

The ACEE team is gearing up to offer a fantastic line-up of workshops for the 2019-20 school year - at ATA conventions in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge. Whether you’re interested in fun environmental activities to do in your schoolyard or engaging students in learning about energy and climate change, we have something for everyone AND every grade level.  

You can click here to see a full list of our current offerings. If you have a request for a specific workshop topic not represented here, please contact Marie Tremblay at and we'll see what we can do.

Energy Revealed

Energy Revealed is a national learning initiative that brings real-world energy monitoring and management into the hands of students, teachers and facility managers. 

This multi-subject, multi-grade initiative empowers students to play leadership roles in delivering energy efficiency and practical cost-saving emission-reduction measures at school, at home and in their communities.

Click here to learn more about the Energy Revealed program.


Connecting Classrooms

Our Connecting Classrooms to Professionals program matches classrooms with working professionals in various fields to help advance learning in topics surrounding climate, energy, the environment, and sustainability. Click here to learn more about the Connecting Classrooms program.


Environmental Education and Your Curriculum 

The current curriculum has many opportunities for including environment, energy and climate change connections. To learn more about how you can begin increasing environmental literacy in your classroom click here. Additionally, checkout our Resource Hub for more classroom resources!

Grade 10 Social Studies Unit

Are you a Grade 10 social studies teacher? To learn more about the new education program to support the Grade 10 Alberta Social Studies curriculum click here: Living in a Globalizing World: Exploring Global Climate Change and Climate Leadership.