We Are the Earth

We wanted to ensure that the key concepts and student learning outcomes in the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future can be used in Alberta classrooms, and add value to classroom teaching and learning. The answer is YES. This powerful learning story from Grayson Adams' grade 4 classroom at Glenbow School, Rocky View School Division is one of 13 that showcases the use of the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future

A BIG thank you to the school divisions and teachers that willingly shared their classroom learning stories via video and included a detailed Project Overview.

Thank you to Deb Rougeau-Bell who supported and worked with the teachers on this initiative. 

We Are the Earth

Every Tuesday afternoon the grade 4 students from Glenbow School went outside for two hours or more to explore, connect and make meaning from our Earth. This time was sacred and valued as a classroom community. Students were immersed in a combination of planned activities and free exploration time.  This reflective time was a catalyst for classroom learning and a chance to connect with the natural areas of the students’ community.  Students learned that not only are they a vital part of our ecosystem but comprised of the very same water, air, soil and energy as things around us.  Students also reflected on their emotions and how they felt when they are out in the natural world. They understand that to care about a sustainable future, we must first love and care about our planet.  And that love can only be cultivated through meaningful first-hand experience.  

Project Overview - what our learning looked like - Download the PDF.

This project has two videos - the first one (below) is about the whole project; the second one is individual student videos that the students created and showcased at their own Film Festival which can be viewed here.