Where Did Our Food Come From?

We wanted to ensure that the key concepts and student learning outcomes in the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future can be used in Alberta classrooms, and add value to classroom teaching and learning. The answer is YES. This powerful learning story from Barb Hazenveld's grade 1 classroom at Westmount School, Foothills School Division is one of 13 that showcases the use of the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future. 

A BIG thank you to the school divisions and teachers that willingly shared their classroom learning stories via video and included a detailed Project Overview.

Rocky View Schools - Glenbow School, Sarah Thompson School, Banded Peak School, Mitford School, Cochrane High School, Langdon School, and Manachaban School
Westmount Charter School
Foothills School Division  - Westmount School
Canadian Rockies Public Schools - Alpenglow School

Thank you to Deb Rougeau-Bell who supported and worked with the teachers on this initiative. 


Where Did Our Food Come From?

Barb Hazenveld, Westmount School, Grade 1 - Foothills School Division

Grade 1 students in Westmount School  learned about their ‘Community in the Past’ in Social Studies.  Students explored  the pioneers need to grow their own food, and the question: How did the Pioneers grow their food?  This unit is project-based learning that started with the initial inquiry of pioneer food growing skills.  

Project Overview - what our learning looked like - Download the PDF.

“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton