Why Environmental Educators Should Get involved with EcoSchools

The Ecoschools Canada Program seeks to build on, rather than replace, the wonderful array of existing climate and environmental education resources and programs available to Alberta teachers. By creating a common framework and path forward that all schools can see themselves in, we hope to draw greater attention to environmental and climate education and action and thus, increase demand for the many existing programs that support this. 

We invite our environmental education partners to become part of the EcoSchools Canada network by linking their programs to EcoSchools Canada's extensive menu of actions so teachers and students can easily access the locally available supports that will help them achieve their environmental stewardship and climate action goals. 

Information sessions for environmental education providers: Recording now available

To learn how your organization can connect your programs and resources to Alberta teachers via the EcoSchools Canada on-line platform, click on the image below to listen to a recording from the Sept. 27, 2021 session. 

How to get involved

Contact us to learn how you can get involved. 

Our Partners and Supporters

We are grateful to our delivery partners and funders for helping us bring EcoSchools Canada to Alberta and making it relevant to our communities.  

We invite other organizations to support this important work -  please contact Senior Education Advisor Marie Tremblay at: marie [at] abcee.org to discuss.