Wind in the Willows

Stephanie Bennett, Cochrane High School, Grade 11 Biology 20 - Rocky View Schools

This Project was part of the Bio 20 Unit A, B and C of the Alberta curriculum: learning about energy flow, nutrient cycling, photosynthesis and ecosystem structure. This Ranch Reclamation Project deals with all four of these themes with a hands on Reclamation application project.  Civic responsibility was embedded in the project as the students worked with a local Riparian expert to support a local rancher in a spring and fall Riparian project to reclaim the banks of the Grand Valley creek by planting willows.

Project Overview - what our learning looked like - Download the PDF.


Wind in the Willows - Grade 11 Biology 20 - Stephanie Bennett. Produced by Rocky View Schools
Rocky View students explain what they learned in a RockyTalk. Produced by Rocky View Schools