Wind in the Willows

This powerful learning story from Stephanie Bennett's grade 11 classroom at Cochrane High School, Rocky View School Division is one of 13 that showcases the use of the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future. 

A BIG thank you to the school divisions and teachers that willingly shared their classroom learning stories via video and included a detailed Project Overview.

Thank you to Deb Rougeau-Bell who supported and worked with the teachers on this initiative. 

Wind in the Willows

Stephanie Bennett, Cochrane High School, Grade 11 Biology 20 - Rocky View Schools

This Project was part of the Bio 20 Unit A, B and C of the Alberta curriculum: learning about energy flow, nutrient cycling, photosynthesis and ecosystem structure. This Ranch Reclamation Project deals with all four of these themes with a hands on Reclamation application project.  Civic responsibility was embedded in the project as the students worked with a local Riparian expert to support a local rancher in a spring and fall Riparian project to reclaim the banks of the Grand Valley creek by planting willows.

Project Overview - what our learning looked like - Download the PDF and view the students Rocky Talk